TRICON DCS system Foxboro DCS

TRICON DCS system Foxboro DCS

EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS (an evolution of Foxboro Evo) is an innovative family of fault-tolerant, highly available control components, which consolidates critical information and elevates staff capabilities to ensure flawless, continuous plant operation.

EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS (an evolution of Foxboro Evo) is an innovative family of fault-tolerant, highly available control components, which consolidates critical information and elevates staff capabilities to ensure flawless, continuous plant operation.


EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS provides a powerful platform for elevating and protecting production value as well as regulatory control of continuous and batch operations. More capable than a traditional distributed control system (DCS) it enables strategic integration of the following industrial control system components: high availability control processor, powerful I/O, high performance HMI, cybersecurity protection, unified control and safety through integration with the industry-leading EcoStruxure Triconex safety systems and an intelligent interactive maintenance dashboard.


• Preserve your investment with future-proof technology so you can grow easily and affordably
• Protect the operational integrity of your business for safe, secure, reliable production
• Enjoy greater operational insight for faster, more accurate performance

• Hydrocarbon processing
• Chemical and specialty chemicals
• Upstream oil and gas
• Power generation
• Metals and mining
• Water and wastewater
• Pharmaceutical and life sciences

Foxboro DCS technology platforms

Standard I/O

Rugged, reliable input/output (I/O) fits your distributed control system operational needs

Universal I/O

Reduce the indirect costs associated with marshalling and significantly reduce your total cost of system ownership with our Intelligent Marshalling solution

Compact I/OFoxboro

Compact 200 Series fieldbus modules (FBMs) feature an innovative design for significant footprint, weight and volume savings in your system installation

Intrinsically safe I/O

These integrated modules are the lowest-cost, smallest-footprint and easiest-to-maintain solution for mounting I/O modules in hazardous locations

100 Series Upgrade

The 100 Series FBM Upgrade program provides a cost-effective upgrade path to the EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS system’s latest fieldbus modules — the 200 Series FBM product line.


Broad array of control system enclosures helps protect your automation system and components against intrusion or environmental effects

TRICONEX DCS Systems Module Part Number List
ParameterPart numberParameterPart number
Main frameAug-00Extend/RXM Frame power supply,230VAC8307A
Extend the frame8101Extend/RXM Frame power supply,115VAC/DC8305A
Remote extension frame8102Extend/RXM Frame power supply,24VDC8306A
I/OBus extension cable (3 sets)9000Safety management module(SMM)4400
I/OCommunication bus extension cable (3 sets)9001High speed channel interface module(HIM)4508
I/OEmpty slot board8105Extend/RXM Frame power supply,24VDC8306A
Empty terminal trough plate8106Network communication module(NCM)4328
The power supply main frame,230VAC8302ASafety management module(SMM)4400
The power supply main frame,115VAC/DC8300AHigh speed channel interface module(HIM)4508
The power supply main frame,24VDC8301ACommunication network module/ISA busJan-18
Control system for power supply 120VAC/VDC8310Enhanced intelligent communication module(EICM)The isolation4108
Control system for power supply 24VDC8311Enhanced intelligent communication module(EICM)Isolation4118
Control system for power supply 230VAC8312Enhanced intelligent communication card EICM4119
CPU3006Network communication card NCM4329
CPU3007SMM and Honeywell (UCN) communications4409
CPU3008With Foxboro ACM (DCS) communications4609
Enhanced TRICONZ The main processor II,SOE,1MSRAM3004Enhanced intelligent communication module(EICM)The isolation4108
Enhanced TRICONZ The main processor II,SOE,2MSRAM3005Enhanced intelligent communication module(EICM)isolation4118
Invensys TRICONEXI/O Module card product models
115VAC/DCDigital input module, isolation, not publicTMR3501E32
115VAC/DCDigital input module, not publicSimple type3531E32
48VAC/DCDigital input module, 8 group utility, self-testTMR3502E32
48VAC/DCDigital input module,、Non-public useSimple type3532E32
24VAC/DCDigital input module,8 common set、self-testTMR3503E32
24VAC/DCDigital input module,、Non-public useSimple type3533E32
24VAC/48VDCDigital input module,High density,DC couplingTMR3504E64
24VDCDigital input module,Low limit,self-testTMR3505E32
Pulse inputDigital input module,Non-public use、DC couplingTMR35108
115VACDigital output module,Optical isolation、Non-public useTMR3601E16
120VDCDigital output module,Optical isolation、Non-public useTMR3603E16
24VDCDigital output module,Optical isolation、Non-public useTMR3504E16
48VDCDigital output module,Optical isolation、Non-public useTMR3507E16
48VACDigital output module,Optical isolation、Non-public useTMR3608E16
115VACDigital output module,Optical isolation、public、Supervision and typeTMR3611E8
120VACDigital output module,Optical isolation、public、Supervision and typeTMR3613E8
24VDCDigital output module,Optical isolation、public、Supervision and typeTMR3614E8
24VDCDigital output module,Optical isolation、public、supervision、Low consumptionTMR3615E8
48VDCDigital output module,8 common public、self-testTMR3617E8
Relay outputNormally closed, not publicSimple type3635R32
Relay outputNormally closed, not publicSimple type3636R32
0-5VDCAnalog input module, difference, DC couplingTMR370032
0-10VDCAnalog input module, difference, DC couplingTMR370132
0-5,0-10VDCAnalog input module, difference, isolationTMR3703E16
0-5,0-10VDCAnalog input module, high density, DC couplingTMR3704E64
ThermocoupleAnalog input module, differenceTMR370632
ThermocoupleAnalog input module, difference, isolationTMR3708E16
4-20mAAnalog output module, DC coupling, common circuitsTMR3805E8

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