Triconex Communication Module Interface

Triconex Communication Interface Module (TCMI)

The TCMI is a standard Honeywell product that provides interface between the Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) based Enhanced Universal Control Network (EUCN) and Triconex TRICON Safety Manager System.
The TCMI is a redundant device capable of:
 Bi-directional communication with Triconex systems via 10.3 and above.
 Execution of data mapping of TRICON memory tables to EUCN format
 Data conversion to EUCN data types (Tag. Parameter), engineering unit and EUCN communication
 Execution of read and write function to TRICON memory tables
 Definition of signal alarm conditioning and messaging on the EUCN for alarm handling, annunciation
and diagnostic status reporting
 Direct peer-to-peer communication with other EUCN connected devices as Enhanced HighPerformance
Process Managers (EHPM), Enhanced Logic Managers (ELMM) or Honeywell Safety
Manager (SM)
 Communication with operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel at the Universal Stations, EST
& ESVT via ENIM.
 Support of higher level strategies through communication with Application Modules and host
computers on the Local Control Network via ENIM.
 Database restoration of TCMI Module from the History Module via ENIM.

Architecture Overview
The TCMI is part of the TPS/TPN product lines as shown in Figure 1. TCMI is connected to the EUCN and provides interface with the supplied by Schneider Electric Tricon Safety System. TCMI doesn’t required CF9 switch for FTE network connection and can be directly connect with level 2 switch, firewall features is in-built into TCMI.

Triconex Communication Module Interface

The TCMI Module database is configured from the TPN Native Window environment using the TPN Data Entity Builder. Once loaded into the TCMI node, this TCMI configuration data can be saved on the History Module, and downloaded over the EUCN to the TCMI. The ladder logic program for the Triconex TRICON™ is developed using the Triconex TRISTATION workstation. Once loaded in the memory of the TRICON™ Enhanced main processors, the control programs are saved in the TRISTATION database, which can save multiple ladder logic programs under separate file names. In addition to integration of Triconex system data points into standard TPN/TPS operating/engineering environment, some additional maintenance displays have been created to provide TRICON™ diagnostic information.

TCMI Specification

TCMIXilinx ZYNQ Platform
TCMI standard scan cycle0.5 sec
Analog Input points1000
Analog Output points1000
Digital Input points2000
Digital Output points2000
Digital Composite points650 max
Flags points2000
Numerics points1000
Timer points1500
Scan rate selection for points processing1 sec.
0.5 sec. (standard scan cycle)
Linkage points30 (0.5 sec scan rate only)
Maximum EUCN reads per TCMI scan cycle50 for all configurable links
Maximum EUCN writes per TCMI scan cycle50 for all configurable links
Configurable links per Linkage pointUpto 12
Minimum Configurable Sequence of Event
Scan Time
40 milliseconds**
(Scan time must be equal to or exceed TRICON
program scan time)