Triconex Tricon Safety Instrumented System (SIL3)

Invensys is the only automation company with the experience and track record in safety and critical control as demonstrated by our 27 years of experience in safety systems,
in excess of 8,000 installed systems, the only approved Nuclear Regulatory Commission Commercial off-the-shelf controller for Nuclear 1E applications, large number of TÜV certified Functional Safety Experts and Engineers, deployed world wide, and patented Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) technology.

A powerful, scalable design with assurance of continuous operation, the Tricon system complies with international safety
standards such as IEC61508 and fulfils the requirements for applications such as
Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Fire and Gas Protection (F&G), Burner Management
(BMS), High Integrity Pressure Protection (HIPPS) and Turbomachinery Control
(TMC). The redundant high availability architecture provides a flexible, robust,
reliable and powerful solution that is ideal for clients looking to achieve environmental and safety excellence.

The Tricon system is a must for clients who need to maximize the safety and performance of their assets. If you are challenged with reducing investment and lifecycle costs, meeting new safety standards, combating tough competitive pressure in your markets as well as the welfare of your employees and the environment, then the Tricon system is designed for you.

Tricon operation is based on the principle of safety and high plant availability, which identifies and compensates for failed control system elements and allows on line replacement while continuing its assigned task without interrupting the controlled process. Fault Tolerance is achieved through TMR technology.

TMR employs three isolated, parallel control systems and extensive diagnostics integrated into one system. The Tricon system uses two-out-of-three (2oo3) voting to provide high integrity, error-free, uninterrupted process operation with no single point of failure. Setting up applications is simplified with the Tricon, because the TMR system operates as a single control system from the user’s point of view. The extensive diagnostics are inherent and transparent to the programmer.

Use of the Tricon continues to expand into new industries and applications as customers require increased system safety and/or high availability. Today, Invensys has delivered and installed Triconex safety system solutions in over 70 countries, providing increased safety and high process uptime.


Triconex’ comprehensive suite 
of software solutions provides
clients with a set of robust and
user-friendly tools to help manage
and maintain their safety systems.
Having the right information at
the right time can help clients mitigate risks, avoid costly process downtime, comply with
regulations and help achieve your production targets.

The suite of intelligent applications offers clients the visibility and leverage needed to maintain their process operating safely, efficiently and make decisions in a timely manner. Our Safety Software Suite includes:

TriStation 1131
An IEC1131-compliant configuration and application development environment for Triconex fault tolerant controllers.

Enhanced Diagnostics Monitor
The Enhanced Diagnostic Monitor is an application which monitors the hardware health of Triconex controllers and allows users to effectively troubleshoot the safety system during maintenance.

Sequence of Events Recorder
A sequence of event data retrieval software application that retrieves events recorded by the Triconex controller and organizes them in user readable view for trip analysis.

Dynamic Data Exchange Server
A Windows application that enables DDE-compliant clients (Human Machine Interface, or HMI) to request data from Triconex controllers.

TriLogger Suite– High Speed Event Recorder
Provides unmatched ease, speed, and reliability in recording, playing back, and analyzing operating data from your Tricon and Trident system.

A software application that allows customers to emulate and execute TriStation 1131 applications without physically connecting to a Triconex controller. Using the Emulator, customers can test applications in an offline environment, without exposing online processes to potential application errors.

A “Virtual Simulation” of Triconex controllers combined with the Base modeling capability from DYNSIM. TRISIM Plus allows simulator access in the emulator available in TriStation 1131 series software.

Triconex Tricon Safety Model

3501E/T115Vac/Vdc Digital Input
3502E48Vac/Vdc Digital Input
3503E24Vac/Vdc Digital Input
3504E24/48Vdc Digital Input
3505E 24Vdc Digital Input
3564 24Vdc Digital Input (simplex)
3511Pulse Input
3515Pulse Totalizer
3601E/T115Vac Digital Output
3603B/E/T120Vdc Digital Output
3604E24Vdc Digital Output
3607E 48Vdc Digital Output
3611E115Vac Digital Output
3617E48Vdc Supervised Digital Output
3623E/T120Vdc Digital Output
362424Vdc Supervised Digital Output
362524Vdc Digital Output
366424Vdc Digital Output (Dual)
367424Vdc Digital Output (Dual)
3636R/TRelay Output
3700A0-5Vdc Analogue Input
37010-10Vdc Analogue Input
3703E0-5, 0-10Vdc Analogue Input
3704E0-5, 0-10Vdc (high density) Analogue Input
3706AThermocouple Analogue Input
3708EThermocouple Analogue Input
3720 0-5Vdc Analogue Input
3721 0 to 5 or –5 to +5Vdc Analogue Input
3805E/H4-20mA Analogue Output
3806E4-20mA and 20-320mA Analogue Output
3807 -60 to +60mA Bipolar Analogue Output
2770HAnalog Input Interface Module
2870H Analog Output Interface Module

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