Yokogawa EJAC60E Hygienic Adapter System (Fluidless Type)


Yokogawa released fluidless transmitter as one of EJA series. This new transmitter mounts intelligent functions (LCD display, range setting, communication) that is characteristics of EJA series and also has no risk of LIQUID LEAKAGE that is characteristics of fluidless sensor.
Sensor material adapts duplex stainless steel standardly.

There were some LIQUID LEAKAGE risks such as silicon oil with regards to pressure transmitter for food and beverage drug. Yokogawa developed fluidless type’s pressure sensor which don’t need liquid such as silicon oil. It adapts duplex stainless steel as a sensor material. This duplex stainless steel material has both high corrosion resistance (SST316) and high tension (SST630). It was impossible to have both high corrosion and high tension. ※Duplex stainless steel (SST329J4L) adapts materials that is improved the strength.

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Conventional safety fluidless sensor series evolved into intelligent transmitter!
EJAC60E Hygienic Adapter System (Fluidless Type) is consist of hygienic gauge transmitter (Fluidless Type) with a single hygienic adapter. Suitable for various kind of measurement of hygienic connection with replaceable hygienic adapter. Hygienic Pressure Transmitter is available for single adapter, one of 16 adapters. This adapters contributes cost reduction for various maintenance items.

EJAC60E Hygienic Adapter System (Fluidless Type)