Yokogawa EJXC40A Differential Pressure Transmitter

EJXC40A Digital Remote Sensor (DRS) Transmitter connects two pressure sensors, master (high pressure side) and slave (low pressure side) in a remote location, with dedicated electrical cable to measure differential pressure.
EJXC40A is suitable to measure liquid, gas, or steam flow as well as liquid level, density and pressure and outputs a 4 to 20 mA DC signal corresponding to the measured differential pressure.

Key Features

  • High performance, high accuracy and high reliability
    Better performance over long capillaries of diaphragm seal system.
  • Suitable for level measurement of a tall tank
    DRS cable length (maximum): 45 m
  • Signal characterization for various tank types

EJXC40A Differential Pressure Transmitter Features

Digital Remote Sensor (DRS) can provide the solutions of …Digital Remote Sensor (DRS)

  • No limitation of higher tank height
  • Stable tank level measurement with minimized temperature effect
  • Single Sensor Accuracy:
    • 0.055% of span
    • 0.025% of span (for EJX630 screwed mount/HAC)

Wide Range Differential Pressure Measurement

  • Screwed types: up to 50MPa
    • Up to 70MPa (for EJX630-Dcapsule screwed mount)
  • Flange types: up to flange rating

Digital Remote Sensor (DRS) is connecting two transmitters electrically,
so it’s not influenced by solar radiation and temperature change.

EJXC40A Differential Pressure Transmitter Specifications

Output SignalHART7
VariablesPV%/ DP/ Master-P/ Slave-P/ Engr. PV/ Master-T/ Slave-T/ AMP Temperature (Master)/ Output Current Value
Measurement SpanRange: 0-0.2/2/10/50MPa  (in case of EJX530A)
Range: 0-0.2/2/10/70MPa  (in case of EJX630A)
(Flange model: up to Flange Rating)
Accuracy+-0.055% of span (single sensor accuracy with flange)
(Accuracy of screwed-mount type is same as normal transmitters’ accuracy 0.04% or 0.025% for EJX630 with /HAC. System accuracy can be calculated by configuration-tool)
Long Term Stability0.1% of URL per 10 years (All normal operating condition)
Temperature Effect
@50℉ (28℃) change
0.14% span + 0.028% URL (sensor)
(System accuracy can be calculated by Configuration-Tool)
Response Time250ms (Update Period: 90ms)
Cable length15/30/45 m

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