Yokogawa Hygienic Pressure Transmitters EJXC40A EJXC50A EJAC50E EJAC60E

Hygienic pressure Transmitters is used to food &beverage or pharmaceutical application mainly with strong features as below:

  • High performance and functionality electronic circuit of DPharp series.
  • High accuracy, high long-term stability and high performance for temperature characteristics.

These issues have a direct impact on the profitable operation of your plant.

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EJAC60E Hygienic Adapter System

EJAC60E Hygienic Adapter System

Yokogawa introduces new release of the Fluidless series – EJAC60E Hygienic Adapter System (Fluidless Type).
This system composes of replaceable adapters(16 adapters in total) with hygienic function of pressure detection.
Suitable for various kind of process including hygienic connection.


EJXC40A Hygienic Pressure Transmitters

Digital Remote Sensor (DRS) Transmitter connects two pressure sensors, master (high pressure side) and slave (low pressure side) in a remote location, with DRS dedicated communication cable to measure differential pressure.


EJXC50A  EJAC50E Hygienic Pressure Transmitters

Direct Mounted Diaphragm Seal System consists of gauge pressure or differential pressure transmitter with single direct mount diaphragm seal.

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