Yokogawa YTA70P Temperature Transmitter

YTA70P Temperature Transmitter

The YTA70P delivers the characteristics of both converters and transmitters. It has a space-saving design that offers low cost installation. The HART® 7 protocol allows you to conveniently configure the transmitter using the latest FDT/DTM technology. HART® 7 benefits include long tag, enhanced burst mode, and event notification. The YTA70P is the choice for rail-mounted control applications.

YTA70P features include:

  • 4 to 20 mA DC Analog Output
  • HART® 7 Digital Protocol Output
  • 17 input types
  • Rail-mount

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YTA70P Overview


Variety of Sensor Inputs

The type of sensor input is user-selectable: RTD, Thermocouple (T/C), DC Voltage, or Resistance.


YTA70P Mounting

The YTA70P is designed for DIN EN60715-35mm


YTA70P Wiring Diagram

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