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Bailey Controls
From development of the world’s first steam boiler meter to innovations that ushered in the age of distributed processing, the Bailey name has long been associated with excellence in control and instrumentation. Founded in 1916 by the US inventor Ervin G. Bailey, the company soon grew to become a global force in automation.
In 1989, Bailey Controls merged with Italy’s Elsag Group to form Elsag Bailey Process Automation, achieving top market positions in various process control and instrumentation segments. Elsag Bailey was, in turned, merged with ABB in 1998. Elsag Bailey talent, creativity and knowledge continue as an important driving force in ABB technologies. For more information look on the aotewell

ABB Bailey

ABB Bailey, Bailey Infi 90 Controls

Aotewell specialize in Bailey Net 90 and Infi 90 Distributed Control Systems.
We offer unused surplus and refurbished used DCS components at 10-20% of new prices. Our inventory includes many hard-to-find parts no longer avaliable from the manufacturer.

we has a large inventory of surplus ABB Bailey Infi 90 and Bailey Network 90 parts. We have extensive Bailey Infi 90 and Net 90 test systems to assure product quality. All of our ABB Bailey parts have a 2-Year Warranty.

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