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Triconex Safety Systems
Triconex DCS

Triconex Safety Systems TRICON systems

Triconex Safety Systems. As the leading supplier of safety instrumented systems (SIS), we provide solutions to protect people, the surrounding communities and the environment, while keeping production operating safely and continuously, throughout the life of your assets.

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Universal I/O

Foxboro DCS System Foxboro IA Series

The Foxboro I/A Series Burner Management application solution is designed to improve plant operations, provide safe, reliableImage result for Foxboro I/A Series boiler startup, shutdown, and operation of the burners and associated fuel equipment in the most efficient and logical manner. Based on Foxboro’s extensive knowledge and experience in the power industry, this application solution includes the technology and engineering services necessary to maximize plant operating efficiency, safety, and availability.

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Foxboro I/A system

Foxboro I/A Series DCS: Foxboro DCS Hardware

Invensys Operations Management offers premiere feedwater control systems using the Foxboro® I/A Series® Distributed Control System (DCS). Recent implementations have offered operation philosophy enhancements, improved startup and runtime performance and significant reduction of unplanned unit trip outages.

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FBM01 P0400DA

FOXBORO FBM01 0-20 mA Input, P/N: P0400DA

The 0 to 20 mA Input Interface contains eight 20 mA dc analog input channels. Each channel accepts a 2-wire, analog sensor input such as a 4 to 20 mA transmitter or a self-powered 20 mA source. The module performs the signal conversion required to interface the electrical input signals from the field sensors to the redundant Fieldbus. The module is a main type, and independently connects to the redundant Fieldbus.

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