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Category: Siemens C7 Systems


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Siemens C7 Systems

Siemens  SIMATIC C7-633/634 are the innovation of the existing C7-623/624 systems

and now feature a PLC of the CPU 315 class as well as an OP7 or OP17.

Concerns SIEMENS C7 products with the Catalog No.’s:

6ES7 633-2BF00-0AE3 SIMATIC C7-633 DP, control system

6ES7 634-2BF00-0AE3 SIMATIC C7-634 DP, control system

6ES7 633-1AF00-8AA0 C7-633/C7-634

6ES7 633-1AF00-8BA0 C7-633/C7-634

6ES7 633-1AF00-8CA0 C7-633/C7-634

6ES7 633-1AF00-8DA0 C7-633/C7-634

6ES7 633-1AF00-8EA0 C7-633/C7-634


The new C7-633 DP and C7-624 DP units are the first of a new generation of   C7-633/334 control systems. They feature an S7-300 CPU315-2DP and OP 7 or  OP 17 operator panel combined into a single control system. The C7-633  has an OP 7 operator panel and the C7-634 an OP 17 operator panel. Both  units have no on-board I/Os. They can be used as master or slave on PROFI-BUS DP.

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