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Endress+Hauser Process Automation

Endress+Hauser Process InstrumentationProcess Instrumentation Process Instrumentation Process Instrumentation

Endress + Hauser ( Endress + Hauser , referred to as E, + H Company ) is a professional production and sales of industrial automation instrumentation multinational company , the product coverage of the level, pressure , flow , analysis, temperature, system and tank farm recorder and communications and industrial measurement instruments.

Pressure Flow Temperature Level
E+H pressure transmitter Temperature Transmitter , Temperature Transmitter , Temperature Transmitter Endress+Hauser Temperature Transmitter Temperature Transmitter Temperature Transmitter Level transmitter Level transmitter Level transmitter
Pressure measuring instrument  Flow measurement instrument Temperature measurement Material level measurement equipments


 Pressure measuring instrument  Measuring pressure transmitter:  Cerabar T PMC131 , Cerabar M PMC 41,PMC 45, Cerabar M PMP 41,PMP 45 , Cerabar S PMC 71 , Cerabar S PMP 71 /PMP 72 /PMP 75 . Differential pressure measurement transmitter:  Deltabar S PMD 70 / PMD 75 , Deltabar S FMD 76 /FMD 77 /FMD 78 . Orifice plate differential pressure flow measurement:  Deltatop DO61W、Deltatop DO62C、Deltatop DO63C、Deltatop DO64P、Deltatop DO65F .  Pitot differential pressure flow measurement:  Deltatop DP61D、Deltatop DP62D、Deltatop DP63D.  Static pressure material level measurement : Waterpilot FMX167, Deltapilot S FMB70, Deltapilot S DB 50 ,Deltapilot S DB 51 ,Deltapilot S DB 52 ,Deltapilot S DB 53 , Deltapilot S DB 50L ,

Flow measurement instrument  Coriolis force quality flow measurement system: Promass 40 E, PROline Promass 80A 83 A, Proline Promass 80F 80M 83F 83M, Proline Promass 80H 83H 80I 83I, CNGmass  Electromagnetic flow measurement system:  Proline Promag 10W, Proline Promag 50H、53H, Proline Promag 50P 53P, Proline Promag 50/53 W , Proline Promag 55S, Magphant. Ultrasonic flow measurement system: Proline Prosonic Flow 91W , Proline Prosonic Flow 92F , Proline Prosonic Flow 90P , Proline Prosonic Flow 90W , Proline Prosonic Flow 93P , Proline Prosonic Flow 93W. Vortex flow measurement system: Proline Prowirl 72F, Proline Prowirl 72W, Proline Prowirl 73F, Proline Prowirl 73W. Hot type quality flow measurement system: Proline t-mass 65F,Proline t-mass 65I
 Temperature measurement  iTemp Pt TMT180, iTemp PCP TMT181, iTemp HART TMT182, iTemp HART TMT142, iTemp HART TMT122, iTemp PCP TMT121, Easytemp TMR31, Easytemp TMR35,  Omnigrad M TR10,  Omnigrad M TR11,  Omnigrad M TR12, Omnigrad M TR13, Omnigrad M TR15, Omnigrad S TR61, Omnigrad S TR62, Omnigrad S TR63, Omnigrad S TR65, Omnigrad S TR66.

  Material level measurement equipments  Radar thing location measuring instrument: MicropilotMFMR 230/MicropilotMFMR 231/MicropilotMFMR 240/MicropilotMFMR 244/MicropilotMFMR 245  MicropilotMFMR250  Micropilot S FMR 530/531/532/533Lead wave radar thing location meter: Levelflex M FMP40  HMX50  LevelflexMF MP 4 1CF,MP 45  The ultrasonic thing location measuring instrument : Prosonic M FMU40/41/42/43/44  Prosonic S FMU90 Prosonic S FDU91/91F/92/93/95/96  Capacitance material level measurement instrument:  LiquicapMFMI51, FMI52  LiquicapMFTI51, FTI52  SolicapMFTI55, FTI56  minicap FTC260,FTC262  Tuning fork material level measurement instrument:  Liquiphant MFTL50(H) , 51(H) , 51C , Soliphant MFTM50 、FTM51、FTM52  Radiation material level measurement instrument: Gammapilot M FMG 60 How to Buy.

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