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Endress+Hauser Process InstrumentationProcess Instrumentation Process Instrumentation Process Instrumentation

Endress + Hauser ( Endress + Hauser , referred to as E, + H Company ) is a professional production and sales of industrial automation instrumentation multinational company , the product coverage of the level, pressure , flow , analysis, temperature, system and tank farm recorder and communications and industrial measurement instruments.

E+H pressure transmitterTemperature Transmitter , Temperature Transmitter , Temperature TransmitterEndress+Hauser Temperature Transmitter Temperature Transmitter Temperature TransmitterLevel transmitter Level transmitter Level transmitter
Pressure measuring instrument Flow measurement instrumentTemperature measurementMaterial level measurement equipments


 Pressure measuring instrument  Measuring pressure transmitter:  Cerabar T PMC131 , Cerabar M PMC 41,PMC 45, Cerabar M PMP 41,PMP 45 , Cerabar S PMC 71 , Cerabar S PMP 71 /PMP 72 /PMP 75 . Differential pressure measurement transmitter:  Deltabar S PMD 70 / PMD 75 , Deltabar S FMD 76 /FMD 77 /FMD 78 . Orifice plate differential pressure flow measurement:  Deltatop DO61W、Deltatop DO62C、Deltatop DO63C、Deltatop DO64P、Deltatop DO65F .  Pitot differential pressure flow measurement:  Deltatop DP61D、Deltatop DP62D、Deltatop DP63D.  Static pressure material level measurement : Waterpilot FMX167, Deltapilot S FMB70, Deltapilot S DB 50 ,Deltapilot S DB 51 ,Deltapilot S DB 52 ,Deltapilot S DB 53 , Deltapilot S DB 50L ,

Flow measurement instrument  Coriolis force quality flow measurement system: Promass 40 E, PROline Promass 80A 83 A, Proline Promass 80F 80M 83F 83M, Proline Promass 80H 83H 80I 83I, CNGmass  Electromagnetic flow measurement system:  Proline Promag 10W, Proline Promag 50H、53H, Proline Promag 50P 53P, Proline Promag 50/53 W , Proline Promag 55S, Magphant. Ultrasonic flow measurement system: Proline Prosonic Flow 91W , Proline Prosonic Flow 92F , Proline Prosonic Flow 90P , Proline Prosonic Flow 90W , Proline Prosonic Flow 93P , Proline Prosonic Flow 93W. Vortex flow measurement system: Proline Prowirl 72F, Proline Prowirl 72W, Proline Prowirl 73F, Proline Prowirl 73W. Hot type quality flow measurement system: Proline t-mass 65F,Proline t-mass 65I
 Temperature measurement  iTemp Pt TMT180, iTemp PCP TMT181, iTemp HART TMT182, iTemp HART TMT142, iTemp HART TMT122, iTemp PCP TMT121, Easytemp TMR31, Easytemp TMR35,  Omnigrad M TR10,  Omnigrad M TR11,  Omnigrad M TR12, Omnigrad M TR13, Omnigrad M TR15, Omnigrad S TR61, Omnigrad S TR62, Omnigrad S TR63, Omnigrad S TR65, Omnigrad S TR66.

  Material level measurement equipments  Radar thing location measuring instrument: MicropilotMFMR 230/MicropilotMFMR 231/MicropilotMFMR 240/MicropilotMFMR 244/MicropilotMFMR 245  MicropilotMFMR250  Micropilot S FMR 530/531/532/533Lead wave radar thing location meter: Levelflex M FMP40  HMX50  LevelflexMF MP 4 1CF,MP 45  The ultrasonic thing location measuring instrument : Prosonic M FMU40/41/42/43/44  Prosonic S FMU90 Prosonic S FDU91/91F/92/93/95/96  Capacitance material level measurement instrument:  LiquicapMFMI51, FMI52  LiquicapMFTI51, FTI52  SolicapMFTI55, FTI56  minicap FTC260,FTC262  Tuning fork material level measurement instrument:  Liquiphant MFTL50(H) , 51(H) , 51C , Soliphant MFTM50 、FTM51、FTM52  Radiation material level measurement instrument: Gammapilot M FMG 60 How to Buy.

Water analysis instruments
Temperature measurement
Tank section measuring instrument
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Endress+Hauser Process Instrumentation, Process Automation

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