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FOXBORO Automation

Foxboro offers complete solutions from instruments in the field to the control room to enable you to optimize your assets: people, equipment and plant. With a history of innovation, Foxboro Field Devices provides solutions across a wide range of industries.

Foxboro Industrial automation services Maximize your business infrastructure in order to face increasingly stringent demands on productivity, safety, equipment availability, and performance optimization.

FOXBORO Automation Foxboro I/A Series Foxboro DCS

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Invensys Process Systems is an organization within Invensys plc. Invensys plc is a global leader in the automation and controls industry, supplying tailored systems, solutions, and services to customers from a broad spectrum of manufacturing and process control sectors. Their product lines include flow and pressure instrumentation, including vortex, magnetic, and Coriolis flowmeters.

Foxboro offers plant automation systems, flowmeters, single-loop controllers, and a variety of product support services.

Invensys Process Systems applications, in general, are targeted at industry groups within the process control sector of the manufacturing industry. Their product brands include Avantis (Enterprise Asset Management), Foxboro (industrial automation, specifically the I/A Series and Foxboro A2 system and associated services, as well as instruments, transmitters, and SCADA), SimSci-Esscor (simulations and optimization), Triconex (safety systems), Wonderware HMI and plant intelligence solutions. Invensys claims that their product brand teams deliver the most comprehensive mix available to the manufacturing market today.
The company also offers level, pressure, and temperature instruments as well as a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) based process analyzer designed for refinery, petrochemical, food processing, and pulp and paper operations.


The Foxboro Company was founded in Foxboro, Massachusetts in 1908, and was acquired by Siebe plc of Windsor, UK, in 1990. In 1999, Siebe merged with BTR to form Invensys plc. Foxboro is a brand under Invensys Systems, Inc.


Foxboro is a broad-line supplier of instrumentation, and has a long-term reputation. In addition to its line of instrumentation products, the company is also famous for its I/A series, a distributed control system (DCS) that was introduced in 1987. Foxboro has a proprietary protocol it calls FoxCom, although now many of its instrumentation products are delivered with the HART protocol.

FOXBORO Automation

FBM230 P0926GU

FBM214B P0927AH

FBM214B. HART Input AI | Model : P0927AH   Part Number:…
FBM230 P0926GU

FCM10EF Foxboro I/A Series Fieldbus Communication

FCM10EF Foxboro I/A Series Fieldbus Communication Foxboro - I/A…
Foxboro Dcs

Foxboro Field Control Processor 280 FCP280

Field Control Processor 280 dependably performs regulatory, logic, timing and sequential control, as well as data acquisition, alarm detection and notification.
FBM230 P0926GU