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Foxboro Evo DCS

Foxboro Evo reduces both workloads and risk for system engineering and project engineering team members. It offers flexible features to simplify and automate engineering, including design, configuration and troubleshooting

Developed by working with the world’s leading processing companies, based on
pioneering Foxboro I/A Series® control principles and leveraging world-leading
Triconex® safety technology, the next-generation Foxboro Evo™ process automation
system represents a new age of enlightenment for the automation world. It
enlightens every member of the plant team with the context-rich information they
need to manage risk and turn opportunities into profits.

Foxboro DCS-Invensys launches new Foxboro DCS

Invensys Foxboro Evo DCS
Invensys launched the latest version of its Foxboro distributed control system (DCS), called Foxboro Evo.

Foxboro Evo’s software applications for process plant control covering operations, maintenance and safety.

A key theme was the technology’s economic impact, with Invensys promoting Foxboro Evo’s real time accounting capabilities to show the financial implications of decisions made in a process plant, as well as the fact that this is an open system that can be integrated with third party devices.

The platform allows upgrades to be made in stages rather than a wholesale change, allowing process plants to evolve – hence the name “Evo”.

One of a number of clients that worked with Invensys in developing the technology was BP, and the firm’s Brisbane-based DCS specialist Mike McKenzie said this approach to gradual replacement is ideal for the oil and gas sector where large amounts of technology is becoming obsolete.

For plant operators, Foxboro Evo offers refinements and innovations from next-generation graphic interfaces and management dashboards to advanced troubleshooting tools. Optimized for the most effective presentation of data, the system supplies each team member with unprecedented operational insight. Errors are avoided; ease and productivity are maximized.

Run at peak performance
The Foxboro Evo human/machine interface (HMI) provides easy visualization of historical trends, ad hoc analysis and a central data repository. Operators gain a real-time view of all relevant activities for enhanced decisionmaking to optimize plant performance.

Quickly resolve abnormal situations
New situational awareness graphics deliver an enhanced look and feel, while reducing operator fatigue.Users receive a broad view of plant operations, with simple shapes and
meaningful colors plus consistent analog indication of objects. Configurable alarm
management analyses let users re-prioritize alarms based on changes in operating conditions – accelerating understanding, action and resolution.

Improve response and productivity
Operator visualization based on market-leading InTouch® software takes control and optimization to new levels, offering plant-wide visibility to third-party devices, applications and systems. Synchronized role-based responses to events plus managed
workflows and audit trails provide clear guidance. Results: minimum human errors, optimum response times and maximum productivity.

Foxboro DCS


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