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Legal provisions / Disclaimer

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Legal provisions / Disclaimer



On this site , AoteWell International Inc.. to provide general information about their products and services . This information is based on the products and services of the Company interested parties for the service object . This site all the information they provided without any guarantees , that is, the accuracy of the information , reliability , integrity and effectiveness do not provide any form of warranty and liability . To get more details and the legal effect of information , do not hesitate to contact us directly . This site contains links to other websites . AoteWell International Inc have no influence on the content and layout of other sites and assumes no liability . AoteWell International Inc reserves the right to change the content of their sites .

Data Protection

AoteWell International Inc.. will be very great importance to the protection of your personal data . According to the HongKong of data protection laws , to protect the data you visit this site . Your personal details in this website will be of special protection . In addition to the mandatory laws and regulations of local government and government agencies , the information will not be disclosed to third parties .

All information is provided voluntarily , the information provided must comply with the relevant Terms of Service . In this case , we transfer these accordingly , in the unprotected mode carried out . Therefore , we can not rule out the possibility that unauthorized parties may have access to such data or information , and may even be tampered with .


AoteWell International Inc does not allow users to copy or save the contents of the site and on this website exclusively for personal use . Only the title for the contents of the news and press releases can be used as publications. AoteWell International Inc. All content of the site has a copyright and all other rights .

Applicable laws

Hong Kong and Chinese law applicable to this website . Related litigation in the case of use of our website , in the Court of jurisdiction in Hong Kong and China .

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Legal provisions / Disclaimer

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