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PLC control cabinet

A complete set of control system consisting of PLC system

The name of the control cabinet: PLC control cabinet
Summary of control cabinet.

PLC control cabinet3PLC integrated control cabinet with overload, short circuit, open phase protection protection function. It has a compact structure, stable work, the function is all ready. Can according to the actual control rules touch size, combination, can achieve automatic control single ark, can also reali

 ze the ark by industrial Ethernet or fieldbus network of distributed control system (DSC). PLC controller can adapt to all kinds of size to the size of the industrial automation control occasions. Widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, paper making, environmental protection, sewage treatment and other industries.
Conditions of use:
Power supply: DC DC 24 v, two phase ac 220 v, (10%, + 15%), 50 hz
Protection grade: IP41 or IP20
Environmental conditions: ambient temperature at 0 ℃ to 55 ℃, prevent sun direct illuminate; The relative humidity of the air should be less than 85% (not gel). Away from the strong vibration source, prevent the vibrations frequency of 10-55 hz frequency or continuous vibration. Avoid corrosion and flammable gas.

Typical application: constant pressure water supply, air compressor, fan, water pump, central air conditioning, port machinery, machine tool, boiler, papermaking machinery, food machinery and so on.


We assemble all brands of PLC control cabinet, if you provide your drawings to us, we will according to your proposal
We supply the following control cabinet

  • SIEMENS PLC control cabinet
  • ALLEN-BRADLEY PLC control cabinet
  • ABB PLC control cabinet
  • DCS PLC control cabinet
  • PLC PLC control cabinet
  • The I/O PLC control cabinet
  • Stainless steel PLC control cabinet
  • HMI control cabinet

Export of package

When PLC control cabinet is ready to shipment will be package, there are usually two kinds of packing and carton packing.It depends on you is by sea or by air

High quality 

We provide 18 months guarantee service, if you choose to cooperate with us

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PLC Control Cabinet, PLC Cabinet , PLC Control Cabinet

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Inquiry about PLC Control Cabinet, PLC Cabinet , PLC Control Cabinet Items