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PLC'S  (Programmable Logic Controller)

Industrial Programmable Controllers – PACs and PLCs

  • SIMATIC Programmable Automation Controllers (PLCs)
  • S7-400 S7-400 S7-200 S7-1200 LOGO Programmable Logic Controller PLC'S
  • PLC-5 Programmable Automation Controllers (PLCs)
  • CS3000 Programmable Automation Controllers (DCSs)
  • AC800M AC800F Programmable Logic Controller PLC's
  • ALLEN-BRADLEY Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • ControlLogix, SLC500, PLC-5 Systems, CompactLogix PLC, MicroLogix PLC'sProgrammable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Schneider Modicon, Quantum, Premium, Twido Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
What is a PLC?
PLCs are ruggedized microcomputers with hardware and software specifically designed to perform industrial control operations. A PLC consists of two basic sections:

  • The CPU (central processing unit) controls all PLC activity and can further be broken down into processor and memory system components
  • The input/output interface system is physically connected to field devices such as switches, sensors, lights, and motors, and provides the interface between the CPU and the field devices (inputs and outputs)

PLCs are used to control machines or processes that are sequential in nature. PLCs can also control continuous processes that use analog I/O.

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What is a PAC?
A programmable automation controller (PAC) is a compact logic controller that combines the features and capabilities of a PC-based control system with that of a typical programmable logic controller (PLC).

  • PLC Feel
    – Modular footprint, industrial reliability
    – Wide array of I/O modules and system configurations
  • PC Power
    – Large memory and high-speed processing
    – High-level data handling and enterprise connectivity
    – Extensive communications capability, multiple protocols and field networks

PACs are most often used for more complex machine control, advanced process control, data acquisition, equipment monitoring and motion control.

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Industrial Programmable Controllers , PACs ,PLCs, plc

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