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PowerFlex DC Drives

The PowerFlex® DC drive (20P) provides digital control for precise speed and current regulation, easy programmability, extensive diagnostics, and
non-regenerative or regenerative operation. PowerFlex DC drives can run various applications, including extruder operations, finishing, drawing,
and coating. The PowerFlex DC drive can effectively control applications that exhibit shock loads, high inertia, rapid acceleration and deceleration
rates, or continuous regeneration. These features of the PowerFlex DC drive make it an excellent choice for existing DC machinery upgrades. The
compact design of this drive includes a fully contained power module and a common control structure for the entire range of horsepower. And, to
make connectivity even easier, the PowerFlex DC drive provides a standard DPI™ interface that is compatible with all PowerFlex DPI
communication products.
The standard hardware consists of an open type enclosure, armature converter, regulated field converter for field weakening or economy
applications, and an advanced regulator with integrated DPI functionality. The standard I/O includes eight digital inputs, four digital outputs,
three analog inputs, two analog outputs, a DC tachometer, and encoder capability.
Note: Optional I/O and feedback modules are available and are sold separately from the standard hardware offering. For more information, see I/O Option Kits and Feedback Option Kit (only for PowerFlex DC drives)

Series Name: PowerFlex® DC drive
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Inquiry about this PowerFlex DC Drives series items

Inquiry about PowerFlex DC Drives Items

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