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ProSoft ProSoft Software,ProSoft Automation

ProSoft Connect is a secure, cloud-native service optimized for highly reliable performance. Connect allows you to establish communications with your machines anywhere in the world. Using Connect’s unique EasyBridge™ technology, your automation programming tools (such as Studio 5000, Unity Pro, TIA Portal, and many more) can talk directly to the automation devices without the need to setup IP routing or other complicated communications settings.


ProSoft,ProSoft Software,ProSoft Automation

For more than 25 years, ProSoft Technology has been focused on providing solutions to help our global customers increase production, reduce downtime, and lower operating and maintenance costs.

Our solutions focus on Connectivity, Optimization, Modernization, and Migration challenges in a variety of industries.

We supply industrial communication solutions that enable dissimilar automation control equipment to share information and transfer critical control data through wired and wireless connectivity. We have solutions that enable a phased migration of legacy control systems to modern infrastructure, and allow our customers to remotely get the right data to the right person when they need it. We also have innovative solutions to help our OEM customers optimize their machine performance. Our solutions enable all this while ensuring industrial-grade cybersecurity. ProSoft solutions are at the center of the emerging Industrial Internet of Things and are used in every industry and in every part of the world.

Our global support team assists customers from the pre-sales phase through the entire life-cycle of the application.

We continue to identify and develop new innovative solutions that will help our customers increase their bottom line.

Our Expertise
ProSoft Technology’s vast expertise in the industrial automation world provides our customers with a distinct competitive advantage. From our development engineers to the technical support team; from our knowledgeable sales staff to those who process orders and prepare our products for distribution; everyone at ProSoft is dedicated to increasing your automation performance, raising productivity, decreasing downtime and reducing costs.

Customers requiring wireless solutions not only have superior wireless engineers assisting them, they also have wireless engineers with a store-house of industrial automation experience. This combination of wireless know-how and automation savvy allows us to provide total communication expertise to our customers.

ProSoft Affiliations

At ProSoft Technology we are committed to developing user-friendly, standardized solutions for our customers so that they may confidently apply our products to their systems without compatibility concerns. To achieve the greatest level of interoperability and to instill confidence with our customers, we align our product development with the specifications of the leading affiliate programs in the automation industry.
ProSoft Technology is an Encompass partner with Rockwell Automation®. ProSoft has an in-chassis product line providing connectivity solutions for all of Allen-Bradley’s industrial automation platforms, including ControlLogix®, CompactLogix™, SLC™, PLC, FLEX™ I/O, and POINT I/O™. ProSoft also offers gateways and wireless industrial communication solutions that can be used in Rockwell Automation applications. Find out more about ProSoft’s solutions for Rockwell Automation platforms .
ProSoft Technology is a member of the Collaborative Automation Partner Program of Schneider Electric®. ProSoft offers in-chassis modules for Schneider Electric’s Quantum™ line of controllers, in addition to gateways and wireless industrial communication solutions that can be used with Schneider Electric products. Find out more about ProSoft’s solutions for Schneider Electric applications .
Modbus Member Logo
The Modbus® organization aims to increase the awareness and adoption of the Modbus protocols. The organization also serves as a forum through which the public can learn more about products and applications incorporating the Modbus protocols. ProSoft offers a variety of Modbus solutions.
PI North America Logo
ProSoft Technology is a member of PI North America, which promotes PROFIBUS and PROFINET solutions and provides training events throughout North America.
ODVA is a global association that aims to raise awareness of communication technologies used in the industrial automation sector. The group focuses mainly on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™) and its network adaptations – EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, CompoNet™ and ControlNet™.
The FDT Group is made up of companies, universities, and end users that support FDT Technology as an international standard. The association aims to promote the use of the technology throughout the world in a variety of industries.
DNP Logo
The DNP Users Group’s goal is to promote the Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3). The association develops and maintains technical documents that help DNP3 users, and aims to provide users a forum in which they can exchange application information.
The Control System Integrators Association aims to bring together system integrators and companies that serve them. The association serves as an educational resource for system integrators around the world.
OPC Logo
The OPC Foundation’s main mission is to help companies and users worldwide develop standards for secure interoperability in the industrial automation sector. The Foundation also provides suppliers with an infrastructure to develop OPC-certified products.




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