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AoteWell Radar Level Measurement Products 

Radar Level Transmitter

Top mounted, non-contacting, direct level measurement for liquids or solids, including those with wide temperature and pressure requirements. Can be isolated by valves. Unaffected by process conditions such as: density, viscosity, conductivity, coating, corrosiveness, vapors and changing pressure and temperature.  

Good for dirty, coating and corrosive applications.

Radar Level TransmitterRadar Level TransmitterRadar Level Transmitter


AT801 Radar level transmitter

AT802 Radar level transmitterAT803 Radar level transmitter
Radar Level TransmitterRadar Level TransmitterRadar Level Transmitter


AT804 Radar level transmitter


AT805 Radar level transmitter


AT806 Radar level transmitter

 The AoteWell AT Series can be used for continuous non-contacting level and volume measurements of liquids and semi-liquids. The unchallenged Signal-to-Noise ratio in conjunction with a wide range of antennas and the flexibility of having a low- and high frequency version make it suitable for almost any application in the process industry. 

Buffer Tanks 

For measurements in tanks with a calm or slightly turbulent surface, the AoteWell AT Series transmitter is the preferred choice, particularly where the tank has a narrow nozzle opening. 

Chambers and stilling wells

The AoteWell AT Series is an excellent choice for level gauging in tanks with stilling wells. It may also be used in some chambers, but GuidedWave Radar is generally the best fit for these applications.    

Reactor Tanks 

The state-of-the art signal processing provided by the AT makes it a very suitable choice for tanks with harsh and varying process conditions.



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AoteWell Radar Level Measurement Products

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