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Rockwell automation

Rockwell Allen-Bradley(AB)

The Rockwell automation headquarters located at the American Wisconsin, the Milwaukee city, are an industrial automation Multinational corporation, provides the first-class power, the control and the information technology solution for the manufacturing industry. The Rockwell automation company conformity industrial automation domain’s well-known brand, has devoted in makes the omni-directional automation solution, helps the customer to enhance the productive forces. These brands including Allan – Buladeli product respective brand: The American Rockwell Allen-Bradley(AB)? control product and the engineering service, as well as Rockwell the software Rockwell Software? production’s labor controls the software.

Rockwell automation companies from fund and on strategy pay attention to helping the manufacturing enterprise overcoming the increasingly fierce competition pressure, reduce cost, protecting the environment, improving the productivity, reduce product and service into the market of the cycle.

Development strategies:
Focus on the global market
Rockwell automation always positioning in the global market is growing, including China, more than eighty countries with its agency, it employs sixty-four manufacturing plants and more than twenty-six thousand employees. Global technology and customer service Rockwell automation is an important part of the company. The company in 80 countries has nearly 5600 distributors, system integrators and agent. And the reliable local companies in distribution, software products and cooperation in the areas of greatly improves the company’s global power. Famous brand and strategic cooperation to enhance the company in the world scope to provide reliable quality of industrial plan ability.
Rockwell automation since 1987 the since China, in China’s annual sales amount increasing at the rate of 30% per year.

A look to the future automation technology
Rockwell automation is a rich source of high technology company, it always focus on the future of the automation area, and constantly develop new advanced automation solution to satisfy the customers’ special needs. The new product research and development on huge capital investment, and more than twenty percent of the sales income from production will not more than two years of new products. Its goal is to continue to develop more miniaturization, more intelligent, more interactive products, to provide more flexible automation manufacturing process.

Focus on your industry
Rockwell automation can for a wide variety of manufacturing industrial automation solutions provide processing industry, including: transportation, power, water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, metallurgical, rubber and plastic, automobile, semiconductor/electronic, pharmaceutical, paper making, textile, food, packaging, consumer and infrastructure.

Today, Rockwell automation in China is to be automatic control, transmission system products and solutions of the leading suppliers. The company a wide variety of products, services and solutions for the end user, system integrators and OEM laid a road to success, make them in addition to achieve specific business goals outside, but also to improve the competition advantage.


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