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Schneider ATV61F Inverters


Frequency converter for general load applications from 0.75 to 250kW


  • Power range: 0.75~250kW
  • Voltage range: -10%~380V-415V~15%
  • Over current capability: 110%/60s
  • Control mode: Vector (SVC), UF quad (UF quad), two-point voltage-frequency ratio (VF 2pt), five-point voltage-frequency ratio (VF 5pt)
  • Full range of built-in EMC filters
  • Standard DC reactor
  • Optional advanced Chinese graphic operation terminal
  • Integrated Modbus
  • And supports mainstream communication protocols: Ethernet/IP, Modbus Plus, Profibus DP v1, DeviceNet, Modbus TCP
  • Can add input/output expansion card and multi-pump card
  • Compliance with international certification: CE
  • Warranty period: 18 months
Series Name: Schneider ATV61F
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Driving power, high quality and simplicity

  • Improved based on mature products, strong stability and reliability
  • EMC filters are standard in the whole system to reduce external interference
  • Standard DC reactor, greatly reducing the impact of harmonics
  • Enhanced coating protection for all circuit boards to deal with harsh environments
  • Provide a variety of basic options to meet different application requirements


  • Water treatment and sewage treatment
  • Constant pressure/no negative pressure water supply
  • Power plant
  • Petroleum and petrochemical HVAC
  • cement
  • Thermal heating
  • ventilation
  • Air cooling system
  • Subway tunnel fan
  • Air purification
  • Other applicable industries

Schneider ATV61F Product Manual


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Schneider ATV61F

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