Altivar 61 Variable Frequency Drives VFD

Schneider Electric ATV61 AC Inverters Schneider

Drives for variable torque from 1 to 900 HP. 

Schneider ATV61 AC is the standard frequency inverter uses a diode rectifier on the input to generate dc voltage. Due to this rectifier the mains input current gets harmonics which lead to a voltage distortion of the supplying mains.

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3-phases 200/240 V – 380/480 V – 500/690 V

  • UL Type 1/IP20 from 0.75 to 800 kW.
  • UL Type 12/IP54 from 0.75 to 90 kW.
  • Speed range: 1:100 in open loop mode.
  • Overload: 110% … 120% – 60 s.
  • Graphic keypad: plain text, navigation button, “Simply Start” menu to start immediately and profit at once from the full performance of Altivar 61. v Integrated EMC filters class A or B.
  • Energy saving law, Quadratic motor control law.
  • Conformity to the international Standards and Certifications: CE, UL, CSA, C-Tick.
  • Modbus and CANopen integrated.
  • Communication cards for industry: Ethernet, FIPIO, Modus Plus, DeviceNet, Interbus-S, Unitelway and for building LonWorks, BACnet, METASYS N2 and Apogee FLN.
  • Input/output extension cards
  • Multipump programmable cards: ATV38 compatibility and new applications.
  • More than 150 functions available.
  • Protection of motor and drive:
  • Safety function: “Power Removal”, ATEX.
  • SoMove software for configuring on PC and transferring the configuration via Bluetooth® or using a cable
  • SoMove Mobile software for modifying or sending a configuration remotely via mobile phone

Schneider Altivar 61 Benefits

In the heart of your applications!
Open to main building and industry communication networks. Ingenious, the Altivar 61 can be customised to meet your needs.


Range dedicated to pump and fan applications for the industry and building markets: exceptional performances, advanced functionalities.
High performance variable torque applications:
  • Fan: Safety with forced function (fault inhibition, selection of operating direction and the reference speed).
  • Multipump: With the programmable card multipump, Altivar 61 offers you flexibility, user-friendliness and adaptability for management of several pumps.
  • Pumps: Essential functions for your installation protection under load, overload and fluid absence detection

Schneider Electric ATV61 AC Inverters Schneider