Schneider Modicon PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers

Schneider Modicon PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers

Schneider Modicon PLC upgrade and migration solutions preserve your automation hardware and software investment, whether you are starting from our legacy Modicon, SquareD, Telemecanique PLCs or from many third-party platforms.

These Schneider Modicon PLC controllers eliminated the need for rewiring and adding additional hardware for each new configuration of logic.
The new system drastically increased the functionality of the controls while reducing the cabinet space that housed the logic.
The first PLC, model 084, was invented by Dick Morley in 1969.The first commercial successful PLC, the 184, was introduced in 1973 which was designed by Michael Greenberg.

Benefits and features

  • I/O wiring solutions speed up the conversion and installation process while reducing errors, risks and time to market.
  • Software conversion solutions preserve the look and feel of your original application to streamline your investment and promote staff familiarity.
  • Technical support, project engineering and service expertise available globally to support your staff or chosen system integrator. We can even provide turnkey upgrade projects.
  • Consulting and project management expertise to develop and execute strategies for upgrading your plant, without negatively impacting day-to-day operations.
140MSC10100 Schneider

Schneider Modicon PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers

With the simplicity of a self-contained system package, the compatibility of 984 Family functionality, and the performance of lightning quick throughput, the Modicon Micro offers the intelligent solution for your small machine control needs. In fact, the Modicon Micro brings together the best features of fixed I/O micro PLCs and larger modular PLCs.

• All-in-one package
Power supply, CPU, memory, I/O and communications are contained in a s

ingle housing measuring 10 inches long by

6.25 inches high, by an amazing 3 inches deep that can be DIN rail or panel mounted.
• High speed throughput
High speed inputs, interrupt processing, and immediate updating of outputs can realize a throughput of less than 2 milliseconds. One of these inputs can be configured as a 5
kHz high speed counter.
• Plug-and-play communications
On-board serial communication ports for simple connection to computers, HMI,

modems, printers, barcode readers, and instrumentation via ASCII or Modbus.
• Choice of system expansion
Expanding your system capacity can be achieved in two ways; by simply linking up to 4 Micros, configured as “children”, to one Micro “parent” over a single cable, high speed I/O Expansion Link, or by utilizing A120 Series I/O, to grow your system modularly in smaller increments with greater I/O options.
• Built-in non-volatile memory
Programs stored in battery or capacitor-backed RAM can be backed up in safe and secure, built-in Flash-PROM.
• Hand Held Programmer

 Specifically designed as a low cost programming tool for the Modicon Micro, the HHP (VPU 192) can configure, program and monitor your application.

140MSC10100 Schneider

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