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The SINAMICS DC MASTER Control Module sets itself apart as a result of its compact, space-saving design. The compact design where all of the individual components are easily accessible offers a high degree of service friendliness.

In order to be able to optimally use the mounting and installation possibilities in the plant or system, the SINAMICS DC MASTER Control Module can be split depthwise. In addition, the PC boards for generating and distributing firing pulses, and for fuse monitoring and voltage sensing are designed in such a way that they can be installed outside the device in close proximity to the power section.

Alternatively, when commissioning the drive system with STARTER, the adaptations, settings and measured value displays required can be made using the BOP20 Basic Operator Panel or the AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel.

The AOP30 offers a favorably-priced alternative to measuring equipment installed in the electrical cabinet.

The field is supplied from a single-phase, semi-controlled bridge circuit B2HZ. The field power section is implemented using electrically insulated thyristor modules, which means that the heat sink is floating.

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