6RA70 Summary of dc speed regulator

6RA70 dc speed regulator

Dc drive system in its special powerful technology to meet the requirements of the using occasion. SIMOREG DC – MASTER has established the new standard in all aspects – in the field of the operation and design, comfortable operation and widely used.

SIMOREG DC – MASTER these characteristics, so it can meet the highest requirements of DC drive system, either in a particular industry, or used in a particular application, there are no differences.

With MASTERDRIVES unified operation mode

SIMOREG DC – MASTER the operation is very simple.Do not need special programming knowledge, all the Settings through the parameters set equipment. Parameters can be set through the PC menu prompt, in order to realize fast input, through the simple operation area and also can use SIMOVIS.

Everything all can see, everything all can operate: Operation panel OP1S
Fast as I could, couldn’t be simplified, with 4 lines of 16 characters display comfort

Operation panel OP1S provides many advantages in terms of comfort and functionality. It can display quantities as a hand-held setting device and used for data storage;Existing parameters can quickly set up, so the direct and easy in operation. Especially when used in more than one motor debugging, it is convenient. No longer need to change the hardware.No longer need to jump line of splice or adjust potentiometer.Operation panel OP1S can be used in all SIMOREGDC – MASTER and SIMOVERT ® MASTERDRIVES.

Accurately meet the various requirements

SIMOREG DC – MASTER to its high reliability and practicability is famous for its various industries throughout the world: Such as printing machines main drive, walking in the crane industry organizations and promotion agencies, elevators and cable transmission, application in the rubber industry and paper industry, iron and steel industry in the shear transmission, mill transmission, coiling machine, cut machine, or film machinery and electric motors, steam turbine or gear box load mechanical testing machine..

High intelligence:
A unified communications technology

When communication each other between the transmission system, the system is intelligent.The SIMOREG DC – MASTER is an expert in communication: they can be fully integrated in automated facilities, and ideally adapted to each PLC and can easily relate to all subsystems (can come from Siemens or other manufacturers) communications.

With a SIMOREG DC – MASTER and make intelligent DC transmission technology to realize fully integrated automation and used for all occasions.
In the standard case, in the basic unit of governor, electronic box insert the flexibility to allow communication module and process module.

Flexibility and efficiency
SIMOREG DC – MASTER in any applications, all have the best of flexibility and economy:

  • reduce the active system and the bus system pressure.In many cases, do not need to PLC
    • interface is reduced
    • less cable and high noise immunity
    • open loop and closed loop control is integrated into the system
    • open distributed system solutions.In the basic unit, process software

– BICO technology

Open and standard PROFIBUSDP

Fieldbus system, can be directly connected to PC with RS232 interface and communicating device to device.In this case, the profibus-dp is at the center of the automation facilities in the network communication medium.

BICO, innovative software solutions using a novel BICO technology makes SIMOREG DC – MASTER in the aspect of software functional reach a new level.Among them, two powerful processor handles the armature loop and excitation circuit all open loop and closed loop drive control function. Using BICO technology, according to the function block application oriented functional unit type combination – this is a simple process parameter Settings.

Allen Bradley 6176M StandardMonitor
Allen Bradley 6176M StandardMonitor

6RA70 dc speed governor order data
Note: the product has been discontinued!
6RA70 dc speed regulator has been shut down, the new upgrade alternative models for the 6RA80 series dc speed regulator.

Selection table Rated power grid
The voltage V
50/60 hz
The rated dc
The voltage V
The rated dc
Current A
Rated excitation
The voltage V
Rated excitation
Current A
The order no.
Three-phase bridge type
Line B6C
3AC 400 485 30 325 5 6RA7018-6DS22-0
60 10 6RA7025-6DS22-0
90 10 6RA7028-6DS22-0
125 10 6RA7031-6DS22-0
210 15 6RA7075-6DS22-0
280 15 6RA7078-6DS22-0
400 25 6RA7081-6DS22-0
600 25 6RA7085-6DS22-0
850 30 6RA7087-6DS22-0
1200 30 6RA7091-6DS22-0
1600 40 6RA7093-4DS22-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4DS22-0
3AC 575 690 60 325 10 6RA7025-6GS22-0
125 10 6RA7031-6GS22-0
210 15 6RA7075-6GS22-0
400 25 6RA7081-6GS22-0
600 25 6RA7085-6GS22-0
800 30 6RA7087-6GS22-0
1000 30 6RA7090-6GS22-0
1600 40 6RA7093-4GS22-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4GS22-0
3AC 690 830 720 325 30 6RA7086-6KS22-0
950 30 6RA7088-6KS22-0
1500 40 6RA7093-4KS22-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4KS22-0
3AC 690 1000 900 325 30 6RA7088-6LS22-0
1500 40 6RA7093-4LS22-0
1900 40 6RA7095-4LS22-0
Three-phase bridge type
The line (B6) A (B6) C
3AC 400 420 15 325 3 6RA7013-6DV62-0
30 5 6RA7018-6DV62-0
60 10 6RA7025-6DV62-0
90 10 6RA7028-6DV62-0
125 10 6RA7031-6DV62-0
210 15 6RA7075-6DV62-0
280 15 6RA7078-6DV62-0
400 25 6RA7081-6DV62-0
600 25 6RA7085-6DV62-0
850 30 6RA7087-6DV62-0
1200 30 6RA7091-6DV62-0
1600 40 6RA7093-4DV62-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4DV62-0
3AC 575 600 60 325 10 6RA7025-6GV62-0
125 10 6RA7031-6GV62-0
210 15 6RA7075-6GV62-0
400 25 6RA7081-6GV62-0
600 25 6RA7085-6GV62-0
850 30 6RA7087-6GV62-0
1100 30 6RA7090-6GV62-0
1600 40 6RA7093-4GV62-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4GV62-0
3AC 690 725 760 325 30 6RA7086-6KV62-0
1000 30 6RA7090-6KV62-0
1500 40 6RA7093-4KV62-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4KV62-0
3AC 830 875 950 325 30 6RA7088-6LV62-0
1500 40 6RA7093-4LV62-0
1900 40 6RA7095-4LV62-0

6RA70 dc speed regulator option order data
Note: the product has been discontinued!
6RA70 dc speed regulator has been shut down, the relevant option to synchronize production, with 6RA80 not general

Option to Code name The order no.
Free option S00 function block S00 6RX1700-0AS00
Terminal extension plate (CUD2) K00 6RX1700-0AK00
SIM OVIS PC – PM U connecting cable (RS232), 3 m 6SX7005-0AB00
SU1RS232 – RS485 interface converter
Including installation accessories, power supply wiring: 1 115/230 v ac
The operation of the unit panel (OP1S) 6SE7090-0XX84-2FK0
To pack OP1S adapter AOP1 on cupboard door, including 5 m long connecting cable
Wires are PM U – OP1S, 3 m
Wires are PM U – OP1S, 5 m
Electronic box (LBA) data bus adapter K11 6SE7090-0XX84-4HA0
Adapter plate (ADB) K01/02 6SX7010-0KA00
Pulse encoder signal processing board (SBP) C14/15/16/17 6SX7010-0FA00
PROFIBUS plate (CBP2) G95/97 6SX7010-0FF05
SIM OLINK plate (SLB) G44/45/46/47 6SX7010-0FJ00
EB1 terminal expansion board G64/65/66/67 6SX7010-0KB00
EB2 terminal expansion board G74/75/76/77 6SX7010-0KC00
CBC with the CAN communication protocol interface board of communication G25/27 6SX7010-0FG00
T400 technology board, including short description) 6DD1606-0AD0
T400 hardware and configuration manual 6DD1903-0EA0
T100 programming software, including Step7, CFC, D7 – SYS 6DD1801-4DA6
T400 computer connecting cable 6DD1684-0GF0
With the standard of “winding” software T400, excluding the manual 6DD1842-0AA0
With standard “Angle of synchronous control” software T400, excluding the manual 6DD1842-0AB0
With standard “flying shear and shear control” software T400, excluding the manual 6DD1842-0AD0
T400 standard software manual (in English)
Standard “winding” software instruction 6DD1903-0AB0
With standard “Angle of synchronous control” software instructions 6DD1903-0BB0
With standard “flying shear and shear control” software specification 6DD1903-0DB0
SIM OREG operating instructions
The Chinese language D50 6RX1700-0AD50
English D76 6RX1700-0AD76
German, English, Italian, French, Spanish instructions, in the cd-rom D64 6RX1700-0AD64

When ordering, when ordering the additional “Z” word.
Order number, for example: 6 ra7018 – S00 da62-0 – Z + K00, when a separate order, please select the order number

6RA70 dc speed governor dimension data

There are five kinds of size, please according to the current size of various sizes Determine the overall dimensions