MICROMASTER 430 7.5 kW – 250 kW


The MICROMASTER 430s are a range of 3AC-frequency inverters for controlling
the speed of three phase AC motors. The various models available range from the
7,5 kW input to the 250 kW input.

The MICROMASTER 430 is especially well suited for use with pumps and
ventilators when used with its factory set functions and settings.

The inverters are microprocessor-controlled and use state-of-the-art Insulated Gate
BipoIar Transistor (IGBT) technology. This makes them reliable and versatile. A
special pulse-width modulation method with selectable Pulse frequency permits
quiet motor operation. Comprehensive protective functions provide excellent
inverter and motor protection.

MICROMASTER 430 Features

Main Characteristics

Easy installation
Easy commissioning
Rugged EMC design
Can be operated on IT line supplies
Fast repeatable response time to control signals
Comprehensive range of parameters enabling configuration for a wide range of applications
Simple cable connection
Output relays
Analog outputs (0 – 20 mA)
6 Isolated and switchable NPN/PNP digital inputs

2 Analog inputs:
♦ AIN1: 0 – 10 V, 0 – 20 mA and -10 to +10 V
♦ AIN2: 0 – 10 V, 0 – 20 mA
The 2 analog inputs can be used as the 7th and 8th digital inputs
BiCo technology
Modular design for extremely flexible configuration
High switching frequencies for low-noise motor operation
Detailed status information and integrated message functions
External options for PC communications, Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2) and
PROFIBUS communications module

Pump & Fan Features:
♦ Motor Staging (Control of additional drives via output relay)
♦ Energy Saving Mode
♦ Hand / Auto (manual / automatic)
♦ Belt failure detection (detects if pumps have run dry)
♦ Bypass

Performance Characteristics

U/f control
♦ Linear U/f control with flux current control (FCC)for improved dynamic
response and motor control
♦ Multiple point U/f control

Fast Current Limitation (FCL) for trip-free operation
Built-in DC injection brake
Compound braking to improve braking performance
Ramp function generator
♦ With smoothing
♦ Without smoothing

Technology controller (PID)
parameter set switch-over
♦ Motor data sets (DDS)
♦ Command data sets and setpoint sources (CDS)

Rating for operation with variable torque (VT)
Free Function Blocks

Protection characteristics

Overvoltage/undervoltage protection
Overtemperature protection for the inverter
Ground fault protection
Short-circuit protection
i2t thermal motor protection
PTC/KTY for motor protection

MICROMASTER 430 operating modes

Bypass Mode
Setting up an inverter bypass circuit

Control of two locked contactors via relay outputs of MICROMASTER 430. This
circuit makes it possible to operate the motor via the inverter or directly via the
mains. The inverter is responsible for switching.
Switching is possible by the following means:
error message from the inverter
. digital input
. inverter frequency
For further settings please refer to parameters list P1260 and following.

Motor Staging
Controlling additional drives via output relay

Enables up to three additional motors to be controlled based on PID control
The entire system is made up of a pump which is controlled by the inverter with up
to an additional 3 pumps which can be added to the system via contactors or motor
starters.The motor starter is controlled via the output relay in the inverter. Figure
4-3 shows a typical pump system.
This function can also be used accordingly for ventilators and ventilation shafts.
For additional settings please refer to parameter list P2370 and following.


6SE7041-2WL84-1JC1 Inverter control board IGD9 for devices 675-930 V DC, 1230A

*Spare part* Inverter control board IGD9 for devices 675-930…



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