Seimens Spare Part,Spare Parts Services,Spare parts secure plant availability

Seimens Spare Part,Spare Parts Services

A missing spare part can compromise plant availability and cause production losses.

It is good to know that the specialists from Aotewell ensure a fast and smooth exchange process.

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Seimens Spare Part

Seimens Spare Part

Spare parts secure plant availability

Drive systems and automation systems have to be continuously available – in any industry and all over the world. A missing spare part can lead to a standstill of entire plants and cause noticeable financial loss for their owners. The Spare Parts Service from Siemens is available all over the world and provides support through the fast delivery of genuine spare parts. Genuine spare parts from Siemens ensure that all system components interact smoothly. Customized spare parts packages for various products and solutions ensure the preventive storage of spare parts on site.

Industrial spare parts are stored for up to ten years, and defective parts can be returned. Optimized logistics processes make sure that replacement parts reach their destination as fast as possible. Plus, the outstanding system compatibility ensures the availability of plants in a sustainable manner. The Spare Parts Service for the industry is available around the clock. The on-time arrival of spare parts is ensured through previously fixed delivery times. In addition to delivery, the Siemens’ logistics specialists take care of transportation, customs clearance, storage and order management, spare parts management, and logistics planning and management. The result: smooth and fast delivery of spare parts for a consistent availability of plants.

Basic Spare Part Service

Basic Spare Part Sevices

Siemens Industry offers worldwide supply with original spare parts. Information on ordering, availability, delivery times, and the replacement of defective components.

Extended Spare Parts Services and Packages

Extended Spare Parts Services and Packages

For highest plant availability, we recommend a holistic optimization of your spare parts supply. We offer a range of expanded services for spare parts:

Spare Parts for Motion Control Systems

Basic Spare Part Sevices

Motion Control Systems belong to the most crucial components in modern production plants. It is not uncommen that errors eventually lead to down times for the entire plant. Therefore we offer you fast, reliable and global services related to SINUMERIK and other Motion Control Systems.

Spare Parts Services for Integrated Drive Systems

Spare Parts Services for Integrated Drive Systems

Perfectly tailored spare parts services for the whole drive train

Spare Parts Services

What will it do for me?

The benefit of our Spare Parts Services is about more than parts. It’s about reducing downtime. It’s about cutting costs. It’s about improving your budget’s buying power and creating a long-term inventory strategy that enhances your plant’s efficiency. Some refer to it as asset optimization. But in reality, it’s about making your job easier.
In addition to getting the parts you need, you will have:
-Extended warranty on critical parts
-Immediate access to spare parts with original manufacturer quality
-Insurance of parts availability when and where you need them
-Professional logistics team that guarantees fast delivery of parts
-Access to industrial parts worldwide
-An inventory strategy that minimizes your investment in carrying costs

What is it?

Our Spare Parts Services offer effective inventory strategies that can lead to lower costs. They make ordering system compatible parts easy. You can also be confident that you are receiving guaranteed OEM spare parts. Think of us as an extension of your own warehouse, without the inventory, carrying costs, or storage space.

Here’s how we work together. Siemens acts as your spare parts procurement, logistics and storage team. We store industrial spare parts for up to ten years. When you need a part, we coordinate the handling and fast shipment, ensuring your part reaches your plant in the shortest time possible. We manage all aspects –procurement, transportation, customs clearance, storage and order management, logistics planning and management, as well as product returns.

We give you three options: Extended Exchange, Guaranteed Availability, and Asset Optimization. You can choose one, two, or all three, depending on what works for you and your budget. It couldn’t be easier. Working with Siemens to implement a spare parts strategy will allow your organization to minimize the risk of not having the right spares on-hand or products on shelves that are now obsolete. At the same time, you minimize the capital invested.

Give me specifics.

Parts Extended Exchange Option 

You gave a good amount of thought to purchasing your product or system. Probably less so about the warranty. Our Extended Exchange Option for spare parts gives you confidence that once our standard warranty period expires, replacement of your Siemens products that have failed will be replaced.

Specific benefits include:

-Guaranteed investment protection through extended warranty

-Available coverage for nearly all current Siemens industrial products

-Flexible options tailored to the period of coverage you choose

-Transparency of costs to improve budgeting and planning

Parts Guaranteed Availability

With Guaranteed Availability, you can ensure critical parts will be available before you need them. Wait time is eliminated. Pre-purchasing and storing critical parts on-site is a thing of the past. Tell us which parts you expect to need and we will have them waiting for you. When the day comes, we’ll ship the parts you need quickly, from a distribution center nearest you.

You gain peace of mind knowing you can:

-Ensure your parts are shipped within 4 hours of your request from our distribution center

-Reduce your own spare parts warehousing requirements

-Minimize downtime and reduce the duration of repair measures

Asset Optimization Services

Many operators choose to address the need to prevent breaks in production and maintain spare parts supplies by creating their own extensive – and expensive – spare parts stockpiles. But there is a better way. Our Asset Optimization Services for spare parts embody the principle of “as much as necessary, as little as possible.” It means that only the strategically important spare parts are kept in the on-site store. All other original or functionally compatible spare parts are shipped in as quickly and as easily as required. This stocking concept creates an optimal supply chain of spare parts tailored to meet the unique needs of your plant.

Your plant’s Chief Financial Office will be happy to learn you will:

-Gain optimal cost-efficiency in spare parts supply

-Minimize capital lockup, including for storage and stores management

-Reduce financial risks with long-term reliability for cost planning

Seimens Spare Part



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SIMATIC Panel PC 677B 12" Touch 6AV7870-0BA20-1AB0 6AV78700BA201AB0

6AV7870-0BA20-1AB0 SIMATIC Panel PC 677B 12" Touch

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