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Siemens Micromaster 440 Manual Inverter Drive

The MICROMASTER 440 are frequency inverters for speed and torque control of three-phase motors. The various models available cover the performance range from 120 W to 200 kW (for constant torque (CT), alternatively up to 250kW (for variable torque (VT)).

The inverters are microprocessor-controlled and use state-of-the-art Insulated Gate BipoIar Transistor (IGBT) technology. This makes them reliable and versatile. A special pulse-width modulation method with selectable Pulse frequency permits quiet motor operation. Comprehensive protective functions provide excellent inverter and motor protection.

With the factory default settings, the MICROMASTER 440 is suitable for many variable speed applications. Using the functionally grouped parameters, the MICROMASTER 440 can adapted to more demanding applications.

The MICROMASTER 440 can be used in both ‘stand-alone’ applications as well as being integrated into ‘Automation Systems’.

Micromaster 440
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Micromaster 440 Features

Main Characteristics
Easy installationMICROMASTER 440 Inverter
Easy commissioning
Rugged EMC design
Can be operated on IT line supplies
Fast repeatable response time to control signals
Comprehensive range of parameters enabling configuration for a wide range of applications
Simple cable connection
Output relays
Analog outputs (0 – 20 mA)
6 Isolated and switchable NPN/PNP digital inputs
2 Analog inputs:
♦ ADC1: 0 – 10 V, 0 – 20 mA and -10 to +10 V
♦ ADC2: 0 – 10 V, 0 – 20 mA
The 2 analog inputs can be used as the 7th and 8th digital inputs
BICO technology
Modular design for extremely flexible configuration
High switching frequencies (drive inverter specific up to 16 kHz) for low-noise
motor operation
Internal RS485 interface (port)
Detailed status information and integrated message functions

Performance Characteristics
Vector Control
♦ Sensorless Vector Control (SLVC)
♦ Vector Control with encoder (VC)
V/f Control
♦ Flux Current Control (FCC) for improved dynamic response and motor control
♦ Multi-point V/f characteristic
Automatic restart
Flying restart
Slip compensation
Fast Current Limitation (FCL) for trip-free operation
Motor holding brake
Built-in DC injection brake
Compound braking to improve braking performance
Built-in braking chopper (Frame Sizes A to F) for resistor braking (dynamic
Setpoint input via:
♦ Analog inputs
♦ Communication interface
♦ JOG function
♦ Motorized potentiometer
♦ Fixed frequencies
Ramp function generator
♦ With smoothing
♦ Without smoothing
Technology controller (PID)
Parameter set switch-over
♦ Motor data sets (DDS)
♦ Command data sets and setpoint sources (CDS)
Free Function Blocks
DC link voltage controller
Kinetic Buffering
Positioning Ramp down

Protection characteristics
Overvoltage/undervoltage protection
Overtemperature protection for the inverter
Ground fault protection
Short-circuit protection
i2t thermal motor protection
PTC/KTY84 for motor protection

Main characteristics
■ Easy, guided start-up
■ Modular construction allows maximum configuration flexibility
■ Six programmable isolated digital inputs
■ Two scaleable analog inputs (0 V to 10 V, 0 mA to 20 mA) can also be used as a 7th/8th digital input
■ Two programmable analog outputs (0 mA to 20 mA)
■ Three programmable relay outputs (30 V DC/5 A resistive load; 250 V AC/2A inductive
■ Low-noise motor operation thanks to high pulse frequencies, adjustable (observe derating if necessary)
■ Complete protection for motor and inverter.

Options (overview)
■ EMC filter, Class A/B
■ LC filter and sinusoidal filter
■ Line commutating chokes
■ Output chokes
■ Gland plates

■ Basic Operator Panel (BOP) for parameterizing the inverter
■ Plain text Advanced Operator Panel (AOP) with multilanguage display
■ Plain text Asian Advanced Operator Panel (AAOP) with Chinese and English display
■ Plain text Cyrillic Advanced Operator Panel (CAOP) with Cyrillic, German and English display
■ Communication modules
– DeviceNet
– CANopen
■ Pulse encoder evaluation module
■ PC connection kits
■ Mounting kits for installing the operator panels in the control cabinet doors
■ PC start-up tools executable under Windows 98 and NT/2000/ME/XP Professional
■ TIA integration with Drive ES.

Motors for MICROMASTER 440
Catalog D 81.1 contains selection and ordering data for motors which are particularly
suitable for operation with the MICROMASTER 440 inverters (see Appendix for overview).

MICROMASTER 440  Application

The MICROMASTER 440 inverter is suitable for a variety of variable-speed drive applications.Its flexibility provides for a wide spectrum of applications.
These also include cranes and hoisting gear, high-bay warehouses, production machines for food, beverages and tobacco, packaging machines etc.; i.e. applications which require the frequency inverter to have a higher functionality and dynamic response than usual.
The inverter is especially characterized by its customer-oriented performance and easeof-use.Its large mains voltage range enables it to be used all over the world.


The MICROMASTER 440 inverter has a modular design.The operator panels and modules can be easily exchanged.

Product Manual


Manual & Datasheet

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Siemens Micromaster 440 Manual Inverter Drive
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Micromaster 440