SIEMENS SIMATIC Panel – Efficient to a new level


SIEMENS SIMATIC Panel, the world’s leading automation system,represents a core component of Totally Integrated Automation and comprises a multitude of standardized,flexible and scalable products. For example: SIMATIC operator panels.

Against the background of increasing global competition,the consistent utilization of all optimization potentials throughout the entire lifecycle of a machine or plant has never been more important than today. Optimized processes facilitate reduced total cost of ownership, minimized time-to-o meet these targets while also being open for international standards and third-market and enhanced quality.Totally Integrated Automation is perfectly attuned tparty systems. With its special system characteristics, Totally Integrated Automation .

Simatic Panels-Operator panels to suit all demands

Operator panels to suit all demands
SIMATIC Panels have been proving their value in many different applications in all industrial sectors for many years now. Their innovative power is undiminished here.

With SIMATIC Panels, you have absolute control over even the most complex processes, which increases the availability and productivity of your plant. SIMATIC Panels provide the interface between man and machine and offer maximum transparency.

The product range includes versions for all industrial applications: from a simple operator keypads to mobile and stationary panels and all the way to the flexible Multi Panel. Devices with PROFINET connection are used for solutions that utilize the Industrial Ethernet standard for automation. Devices with complete IP65 protection can be located on supporting arms or pedestals – wherever is best for the operator.

Rugged for use at the machine level
With IP65/NEMA 4 degree of protection on the front side, high EMC and extreme vibration resistance, the SIMATIC Operator Panels are ideally suited for use at the machine level in harsh industrial environments. Approvals for many different sectors/ applications are the proof.

Selection of possible operating modes
SIMATIC Panels are available as Key or Touch panels. Some even offer both at the same time.

Everything at a glance on brilliant displays
All SIMATIC Panels have large, bright and high-contrast displays for optimal operator control and monitoring. Whether text-based or pixel-graphics, color or monochrome, with display sizes of 3 to 19″ – now also in 4″ widescreen format – the long service life of the backlighting convinces in every case.

Diverse connection options
As standard, SIMATIC Panels communicate over PROFIBUS. PROFINET/Ethernet are gaining importance. Most SIMATIC Panels are already prepared for this. Other devices, such as printers, can be connected through additional interfaces such as USB.

The software: integrated and scalable
SIMATIC Panels are configured with an integrated software tool: SIMATIC WinCC flexible. WinCC flexible is scalable to match the different performance levels of the panels.

SIMATIC Operator Panel series
Push Button Panels5)Micro PanelsMobile PanelsBasic Panels5)
TD6)70 series170 series5)170 series270 series
Touch and Keyyesyesyes
HMI functionality
Signaling systemyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Visual Basic scriptsyes
Software optionsyesyes
yesFeature always available
noFeature available in the devices of the upper performance range of the series

First choice for efficient operation and monitoring
SIMATIC HMI Panels have been tried and tested in the most various applications throughout all sectors for years. They not only feature an innovative design and
high performance – as a unique highlight, they can be configured via SIMATIC WinCC in the TIA Portal. Users can thus benefit from unprecedented engineering efficiency.
Integrated functionality across all display sizes The hardware’s functionality is identical throughout a device range. Simply select the optimum display size for your application and choose between operation via touch screen and/or keys. As the software is scalable, you can start with a small solution and further expand it any time
as required – for example by increasing the number of tags
or variables.
Innovative graphical user interfaces open up completely new possibilities in terms of intuitive operation and monitoring.

Integrated functionality across all display sizes
• SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels:
First choice for demanding applications
• SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels:
Basic functions for simple HMI applications
• SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panels:
Power and safety in your hands
• SIMATIC HMI Key Panels:
Innovative operator panels – for turnkey operation

Unique engineering efficiency
SIMATIC HMI Panels can be intuitively configured in the TIA Portal via the scalable SIMATIC WinCC software. This results in increased engineering efficiency when further
components from the Totally Integrated Automation portfolio are used – e.g. SIMATIC controllers. The perfect interaction with STEP 7 does away with multiple entries
and ensures maximum data consistency.

Long-term value maintenance
SIMATIC products facilitate long-term investment protection. Existing projects can be easily and directly migrated to the successor product. Following the phase-out period of
a model range, we support you with long-term spare parts availability. Moreover, the matching accessories for each product are available throughout the entire product lifecycle.


6AV2124-0QC24-1AX0 IMATIC HMI TP1500 Comfort Pro

6AV2124-0QC24-1AX0 SIMATIC HMI TP1500 Comfort Pro, for supporting foot (expandable, flange at bottom), Comfort Panel, touch operation, 15" widescreen TFT display, 16 million colors, PROFINET interface, MPI/PROFIBUS DP interface, 24 MB configuration memory, WEC 2013, configurable from WinCC Comfort V14 SP1 with HSP

6AV7885-0AA10-1DA8 SIMATIC HMI IPC 577C 12″ Touch

6AV7885-0AA10-1DA8 ***no longer available*** SIMATIC HMI IPC 577C PCI slot, 4 USB (back)+1 USB (front), Ethernet (10/100/1000), 12" Touch display ; Celeron M 1.2 GHz, PROFINET (IE); 2x 1 Gbit 1 GB -RAM, DDR3; 2nd mass storage: Not equipped 1st mass storage (Operating system optional): 320 GB HDD SATA WinXP Prof. pre-installed (only possible with HD or SSD) without expansion (software) 24 V DC power supply

6AV6646-0AA21-2AX0 SIMATIC Thin Client 10″ Touch

6AV6646-0AA21-2AX0 ***Spare part*** SIMATIC Thin Client (hardware) 10" Touch, Thin client, 10" TFT display, 64K colors, client: SmartAccess, RDP, Web


SIPLUS HMI TP1500 COMFORT FOR medial stress with conformal coating…

6AV2124-0QC02-0AX1 15″ widescreen TFT display

SIMATIC HMI TP1500 Comfort, Comfort Panel, Touch operation, 15"…

6AV6545-8DB10-0AA0 SIMATIC Multi Panel MP 370 15″ color TFT display

SIMATIC Multi Panel MP 370 15" color TFT display, Touch Stainless…



6AG1123-2GA03-2AX0 SIPLUS HMI KTP700 Basic DP -20…+50°C

SIPLUS HMI KTP700 Basic DP -20...+50°C with conformal coating…