SIMODRIVE 611 consists of several individual function modules. The mains connection is achieved using a power rated row of infeed modules, which provides the 600 V power DC link as well as the electronic power supply. Power modules rated to the size of the motor are then hooked-up to the 600 V DC link. The closed-loop plug-in unit then forms the drive module to a main spindle module or feed module either in digital or analog technology.

The types of drives feed axes, main spindle drives and asynchronous motor drives can be combined to form axis units.
A full range feed drives is available with torques from 0.7 Nm to over 145 Nm. In the case of main spindle drives SIMODRIVE 611 achieves a continuous rating of 3.7 kW to 100 kW. For simple main spindle drives without encoder, e.g. wood processing machines and high-speed grinding machines, the SIMODRIVE 611 offers closed-loop plug-in units with field-oriented closed-loop control for speeds of up to 60,000 rev/min.



The SIMODRIVE 611 converter system is suitable for:

With the SIMODRIVE 611 converter system individual drive assemblies can be combined thus enabling fast and flexible synchronization of the drive performance and number of machine axes    

  • Machine tools
  • Robot and manipulators
  • Mass production and jobshop production
  • Form and tool construction
  • Presses and packaging machines
  • Production machines for glass, wood, stone and textiles

The SIMODRIVE 611 converter system :

  • is a modular transistor pulse-controlled converter
  • is a compact system for several axis as well as drive combination solutions
  • can be flexibly adapted to the area of application thanks to its modules
  • is adaptable to every motor with its performance modules
  • can be implemented with analog or digital setpoint interface with closed-loop plug-in units
  • is the system with common mains supply modules
  • can be expanded whenever required


The modules have standard designs, 480 mm high, 288 mm depth and, depending on the performance, the width increases in units of 50 mm.

  • In the drive units each module carries out a different task
  • A common feed module provides the DC voltage link from the power supply mains
  • A drive module activates every motor
  • Every drive module consists of a power module and closed-loop plug-in unit
  • The NCU of the SINUMERIK 840 D CNC control is integrated as a 50 mm wide module into the drive unit and supplied with electricity.
  • The UL is standard in this series
What can ”SIMODRIVE 611 universal” do?

SIMODRIVE 611 universal” is a control board, which can be universally used in the modular SIMODRIVE 611 converter system as a result of its communication interfaces, the motors and encoder systems and option modules which can be used.

Two independent drive controls are implemented on a 2–axis board.The closed–loop drive controls can be operated in the following operating modes with motor frequencies up to 1400 Hz:

. Operating mode, ”speed/torque setpoint:
In this case, the board is used for closed–loop speed control, open–loop torque control and/or torque reduction.

.Positioning” mode:
A maximum of 64 (256 from SW 10.1) traversing blocks can be selected and executed. Every traversing block can be freely parameterized,and in addition to the block number, it also contains additional data, e.g. target position, acceleration, velocity, command and block enable circuit.


The following interfaces are provided on the board:
.  Two analog interfaces per drive (10 V)
Setpoints for speed, torque (current, torque reduction or a velocity
override when positioning can be entered via these interfaces.
.  Angular incremental encoder interface(WSG–SS)
— Parameterized as input: (from SW 3.3)
Incremental position reference values can be entered.
— Parameterized as output:
The position actual values are available for a higher–level control via the appropriately parameterized interface.
.  Four digital inputs and four digital outputs per drive
The digital inputs/outputs can be assigned the required control/message functions by appropriate parameterization.
.  Two analog outputs per drive

Optional modules

The ”SIMODRIVE 611 universal” control board can be expanded by one of the following option modules:
.  Optional TERMINAL module
This module provides an additional 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs (e.g. necessary to select and start a traversing block in the”positioning” mode).
The input/output terminals of the optional TERMINAL module are:
.  Before SW 4.1: permanently assigned to drive A or axis A
.  From SW 4.1: can be freely assigned axes
.  Optional PROFIBUS–DP module
To integrate the system into distributed concepts, ”SIMODRIVE 611 universal” can be operated as slave on PROFIBUS–DP using this option module .

Which motors can be used

The following motors can be used with ”SIMODRIVE 611 universal”:
.  1FK6, 1FT6 servomotors up to 140 Nm
.  1FE1 permanent–magnet synchronous motors
. 1PH induction motors up to 100 kW (1PH6, 1PH4, 1PH2, 1PH7)
.  Induction motors without encoder
.  Standard 1LA induction motors up to 100 kW
.  1FN linear motors
.  1FW6 built–in torque motors

.  Two different motor types can be operated with a control board (e.g. 1FK6 synchronous motor and 1PH7 induction motor).
.  Unlisted motors can also be connected.
.  The motors which can be connected are listed in Chapter A.3.


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