SINAMICS S120 Field of application

SINAMICS is the family of drives from Siemens designed for machine and plant engineering applications. SINAMICS offers solutions for all drive tasks:
● Simple pump and fan applications in the process industry.
● Complex single drives in centrifuges, presses, extruders, elevators, as well as conveyor
and transport systems
● Drive line-ups in textile, plastic film, and paper machines as well as in rolling mill plants.
● High precision servo drives in the manufacture of wind turbines
● Highly dynamic servo drives for machine tools, as well as packaging and printing

Depending on the application, the SINAMICS range offers the ideal version for any drive task.
● SINAMICS G is designed for standard applications with induction motors. These
applications have less stringent requirements regarding the dynamic performance of the
motor speed.
● SINAMICS S handles complex drive tasks with synchronous/induction motors and fulfills
stringent requirements regarding
– Dynamics and accuracy
– The integration of extensive technical functions in the drive control system
● SINAMICS DC MASTER is the DC drive belonging to the SINAMICS family. As a result of
its standard expandability, it addresses both basic as well as demanding drive applications and in complementary markets.


Platform Concept and Totally Integrated Automation

All SINAMICS versions are based on a platform concept. Joint hardware and software
components, as well as standardized tools for design, configuration, and commissioning
tasks ensure high-level integration across all components. SINAMICS handles a wide variety of drive tasks with no system gaps. The different SINAMICS versions can be easily combined with each other.

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) with SINAMICS S120 SINAMICS is one of the core components of TIA alongside SIMATIC, SIMOTION and SINUMERIK. The STARTER commissioning tool is an integral element of the TIA platform. It is thus possible to parameterize, program and commission all components in the automation system using a standardized engineering platform and without any gaps. The system-wide data management functions ensure consistent data and simplify archiving of the entire plant project.

PROFIBUS DP, the standard field bus of the TIA system, is supported by all SINAMICS S120 variants. It provides a high-performance, system-wide communication network which links all automation components: HMI, controls, drives and I/O devices.
SINAMICS S120 is also available with a PROFINET interface. This Ethernet-based bus
allows the rapid exchange of control data via PROFINET IO.


SINAMICS S120 AC Drive is a modular drive system for individual axes and addresses sophisticated drive tasks for an extremely wide range of industrial applications.
Applications include:
● Machine concepts with a central drive (e.g. presses, printing, packaging)
● Modular machine concepts where the machine modules were broken down into single
● Single-motor drives that when compared to standard drives have a high accuracy,
stability and smooth running requirements in machinery and industrial plant construction
● Single-motor drives for transport applications (conveying, raising, lowering)
● Drives without regenerative feedback into the line supply (wire-drawing, extruding)
● Drive groups with high requirements placed on the availability (when the infeed fails, this may not cause all of the axes to fail)
The combination of a power unit (Power Module) and a Control Unit (CU) or a Control Unit Adapter form a single-motor drive in a compact design for machinery and plant construction.
SIZER, a high-performance engineering tool, makes it easier to choose and determine the optimum drive configuration. The drive can be simply commissioned a user-friendly fashion using the STARTER commissioning tool.
SINAMICS S120 AC Drive is supplemented by a wide range of motors. Whether
synchronous or induction, whether rotary or linear motors, all motor types are supported by SINAMICS S120 AC Drive.

SINAMICS S120 components

The following system components are available for SINAMICS S120 AC Drive:
● Line-side power components, such as fuses, contactors, reactors and line filters for
switching the power supply and complying with EMC regulations.
● Power Modules (either with or without integrated line filter) and an integrated braking
chopper to provide power to the connected motor
To address the required functions, SINAMICS S120 AC Drive is equipped with:
● Control Units that provide the drive and technological functions
● Additional system components to expand the functionality and to handle various
interfaces for encoders and process signals.
The SINAMICS S120 AC Drive components were developed for installation in cabinets.
They have the following features and characteristics:
● Easy to handle, simple installation and wiring
● Practical connection system, cable routing in accordance with EMC requirements
● Uniform design


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