SIEMENS VFD – Variable Frequency Drives


Save 20-50% on energy costs and gain reliable control of HVAC Equipment with new BT300 VFDs.

While constantly expected to do more with less, managing energy consumption and optimizing occupant comfort remains of utmost importance to facility managers. They require products that will integrate seamlessly into existing equipment and building management systems. The highly efficient BT300 delivers all this and more.

Variable Frequency Drives

BT300 Variable Frequency Drives

Siemens BT300 VFD

Siemens BT300 VFDs are designed specifically for the rigorous demands of today’s HVAC systems. Built-in features like a real-time clock, energy savings optimization programming and an easy-to-use and read interface get HVAC equipment up and running quickly and accurately.

BT300 Variable Frequency Drive

Siemens has the variable frequency drive you need!

Siemens engineers have retooled and field tested our VFD portfolio to ensure it delivers optimum results.Available in frame sizes up to 250 hp, the BT300 is well-suited for demanding HVAC environments. Using the BT300 helps save 20-50% of energy compared to equipment with little or no control. Built-in features like a real-time clock, energy savings optimization programming and a sleep function help measure energy savings.


  • Energy savings up to 50% when operating fans and pumps
  • Drives up to 250 hp
  • User-friendly control panel with intuitive interface
  • Reliable control for a wide range of HVAC applications, including special control option in the event of fire
  • Complete system integration with Siemens expertise
  • Ethernet capabilities include BACnet IP and Modbus TCP
  • Environment safe – RoHS compliant

BT300 Variable Frequency Drive Bypass Options

Siemens NEMA Type 3R/3R HE By-pass

Siemens is proud to introduce the BT300 Variable Frequency Drive offering with Conventional or Electronic Bypass options. The BT300 VFD with Conventional or Electronic Bypass is designed with the same sophisticated and industry-leading features of the BT300 VFD. This provides peace of mind to customers in mission critical facilities.

Electronic Bypass
The Electronic Bypass utilizes internal control boards that act as the brains and eliminate the control wiring, relay logic, and terminal blocks. They are replaced with advanced built-in features that are accessible from an electronic keypad.


  • Advanced Keypad with Start-Up Wizards and Displays
  • Full Bypass Control – even if the Bypass Board Fails
  • Auto Bypass
  • Pass Through I/O
  • Additional HVAC I/O Capability
  • Essential Service

Conventional Bypass
The Conventional Bypass utilizes selector switches and indicator lights as primary functions.


  • Advanced Keypad with Start-Up Wizards and Displays
  • Two Drive Bypass Configuration Options
  • 22 mm Components with Wide Viewing Angle

SED2 Legacy VFD Information

SED2 Variable Frequency Drives

Designed specifically for HVAC applications, the SED2 VFD supports a wide variety of digital and analog I/O for diverse control capability. Built-in PID features control pumps and fans, and an integral system protocol can interface P1/N2 networks. Using the SED2 multi-level parameter access, operators can quickly pinpoint relevant data.

Available as Open IP20, NEMA Type 1, IP54 (NEMA Type 12)Various enclosure choices and price optionsAllows choice of proper cost/performance balance
Built-in SBT P1 and JCI N2 (Metasys®) building automation system protocols for easy network integrationReduced wiring cost, faster start-up, advanced system control via direct BMS controlReduces total installation costs
LON and Modbus interfaces optionalIntegrates to existing BMS protocolsAllows seamless integration with existing BMS network
Low Harmonics designEliminates most application needs for line reactorsReduces system power stresses and demands
Custom PID algorithmPID appropriate for HVAC systems built in to every unitFast and accurate process and pressure control
Pump controller/cascading functionsPump staging for open loop, constant pressure, and constant flow-type applications, eliminating the need for separate pump controllerReduces programming and commissioning time for reduced overall installation costs
Accepts a wide variety of digital and analog I/O types, including direct Ni 1000 RTD sensor level inputsHas built-in scaling for SBTs NI-1000W sensors; 0-10v and 0-20/4-20ma input signals are also availableCompatible with all common I/O, providing flexibility for many applications
Belt failure detection with or without an external sensorEnhances system diagnostics and safetyProvides system performance and warning feedback
Multi-level program accessAllows user to custom configure and limit operator access and certain parameter settingsProvides security for escalation of technical issues
One common interface throughout all power rangesKnow how to use one, know how to use them allMinimizes training, maximizes familiarity
Optional Advanced Operator Panel for uploading/downloading parameters4 x 30 character backlit multi-language LCD display; Alphanumeric display, self-contained memory, built-in basic scheduling functionProvides 4 line display to make programming and diagnostics easier
Essential Service modeAllows VFD to ignore all faults and continue to run in critical applications (commonly referred to as smoke purge)Enhances critical functionality, meeting specifications for critical control
Service mode for applications requiring continuous, uninterruptible operationMaintains equipment up-timePrevents costly shut downs
Built-in Hand/Auto selectionSimplified controlNo need for additional accessories
UL, CSA, CE certificationsMeets agency requirementsMeets customer requirements


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