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SIMATIC Rack PC 847B is an industrial PC in 19″ rack format (4HU) with high-performance industrial functionality.

  • Wide range of expansion options
  • High degree of ruggedness
  • Extensive product continuity

The SIMATIC Rack PC 847B is a rugged and maximally expandable industrial PC in 19″ design (4HU). It offers high investment protection thanks to outstanding long-term availability and ensures reliable operation in particularly harsh industrial environments,
e.g. with high dust, temperature and shock loads.
The 19” SIMATIC Rack PC 847B is equipped with powerful and energy-saving Intel Core2 Duo processors. The high computing power combined with the PCI-Express technology makes it the perfect platform for high-performance applications, for example in measuring
systems, test bays or industrial image processing applications.
The SIMATIC Rack PC 847B offers maximum flexibility and expandability thanks to its 8 or optionally 11 free PCI/PCI Express slots for the installation of long expansion cards and thanks to a multitude of integrated interfaces for communication with the field or control level.

Series Name: SIMATIC Rack PC 847B
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Inquiry about this SIMATIC PC847B series items

Inquiry about SIMATIC PC847B Items

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