SIMATIC S7-1500 SIEMENS S7-1500 PLC – Industrial Automation


The SIMATIC S7-1500 significantly increases performance with a fast backplane bus, PROFINET interface, and shortest reaction times.

The SIMATIC S7-1500 Advanced Controllers convince with their ultimate power that provides maximum performance for medium-sized to high-end machines with high demands on performance, communication, flexibility, and technology functions.

SIMATIC S7-1500 Starter Kit

Easy entry with the compact CPU Starter Kit

Enhanced performance – enhanced usability: The new SIMATIC S7-1500 controller sets new standards in productivity with its many innovations. SIMATIC S7-1500 is perfectly integrated with the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) for maximum efficiency in engineering.

SIMATIC S7-1500 offers advanced system performance and PROFINET as a standard onboard interface. It is the new standard for performance. SIMATIC S7-1500 is designed for optimal usability. Thanks to the many system innovations the controller can be installed, connected, and commissioned quickly and easily. Engineering, project planning, and the use of new functionalities are easier than ever before due to the seamless integration with the TIA Portal.

Discover the new SIMATIC S7-1500 and get started!

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S7-1500 Starter Kit with a 365-day STEP 7 V14 license

The SIMATIC S7-1500 Starter Kit includes:

  • SIMATIC CPU 1511C-1 PN
  • SIMATIC Memory Card, 4 MB
  • PM 70 W 120/230 V AC power supply
  • STEP 7 Professional V14, 365-day license 1)
  • Mounting rail 160 mm, front connector
  • Standard Ethernet CAT 5 cable, length 2 m
  • Documentation

1) Full version valid for 365 days. During this time, all the functions of the full version are available, and updates and service packs can be installed.
After this time has expired, the software can be upgraded to a regular full version.

Order information:  Article No. 6ES7511-1CK00-4YB5


Alternative text

Display for commissioning and diagnostics

  • Shorter downtimes thanks to plain-text diagnostic information on central and decentralized modules
  • Adaptation of customer-specific network settings without on-site programming
  • Display can be unplugged and plugged during operation
  • Password assignment for display operation via TIA Portal
  • Long service life of 50,000 operating hours
Performance 3x PN

PROFINET standard on every CPU

  • PN IRT (V2.2) ensures defined response times and highly precise machine behavior
  • Additional Ethernet interface on high-end CPU for optimum integration in plant network
  • Web server for simple display of service and diagnostic information
Innoviertes Speicherkonzept

Innovative memory concept

  • Sufficient memory for any application, regardless of industry
  • Flexible memory card concept for varying project sizes
  • High storage capacity: up to 2 GB card for project data, archives, recipes and documents
  • Optimized data modules for variably granular selection of values for remanent storage.
Diagnose in CPU

Optimized diagnostic concept

  • Efficient fault analysis using a uniform display concept for STEP 7, HMI, Web server, display on CPU
  • Consistently integrated system diagnostics, no additional project planning overhead even for machine expansion
  • No loss of system error messages, not even when CPU is in stop

STEP 7 language innovation

  • Completely symbolic programming for better comprehensibility
  • Enhanced compiler performance for shorter cycle times
  • Greater precision e.g. for technology thanks to support for all 64-bit data types in all IEC languages
  • Consistent download with all program changes
  • Simplification of complex mathematic operations thanks to the Calculate box in LAD and function plan
Compatibility/plug & play

  • Investment protection of existing know-how thanks to reusability of programs on all S7-1500 CPUs and integrated migration tool for existing S7 projects
  • Rapid, error-free identification of hardware through upload to Engineering
  • Service possible even without current project through complete project upload with symbols

Integrierte Technologie

Integrated technology

  • Integration of Standard Motion Control with flexible connection of all PROFIdrive-enabled drives
  • Standardized PLCopen components for simple project realization
  • TRACE: cycle-granular recording of up to 16 variables for precise optimization of control programs and drives
  • Recording in separate CPU memory area for simple localization of sporadic errors
  • Integrated PID controller for simple closed-loop control tasks: time savings thanks to optimized control parameter optimization for optimum control quality (PID controller)
  • PID Compact/PID 3-Step: continuous controller with analog or pulse width-modulated output and special step controller for external actuators (e.g. valves) with autotuning

Datalog (archive) and recipes

  • Easy access to all machine-relevant operating data using Office tools and via Web server
  • Easy access to machine configuration data via Web browser or SD card reader (bidirectional data interchange to and from controller)



6AG1315-2AH14-7AB0 SIPLUS S7-300 CPU 315-2DP

6AG1315-2AH14-7AB0 SIPLUS S7-300 CPU 315-2DP -25...+70°C with conformal coating based on 6ES7315-2AH14-0AB0 . Central processing unit with MPI Integr. power supply 24 V DC Work memory 256 KB 2nd interface DP master/ slave Micro Memory Card required

6AG1315-2EH14-2AY0 Siemens SIPLUS S7-300 CPU 315-2PN/DP

6AG1315-2EH14-2AY0 SIPLUS S7-300 CPU 315-2PN/DP -25...+60°C with conformity with EN 50155 T1 Kat 1 Kl A/B based on 6ES7315-2EH14-0AB0 . Central processing unit with 384 KB work memory, 1st interface MPI/DP 12Mbit/ s, 2nd interface Ethernet PROFINET, with 2-port switch, Micro Memory Card required

6AG1410-5HX08-7AB0 SIMATIC PCS 7, CPU 410-5H SIPLUS PCS 7 CPU 410-5H

6AG1410-5HX08-7AB0 SIPLUS PCS 7 CPU 410-5H -25...+70°C with conformal coating based on 6ES7410-5HX08-0AB0 . Central processing unit for S7-400 and S7-400H/F/FH, 5 interfaces: 1x PN, 1x DP, 2x for Sync modules "and 1x service . ""Only for" "spare parts supply;"" without" System Expansion Card

6AG1331-7NF10-2AB0 SIPLUS S7-300 SM331 Analog input isolated 8AI

6AG1331-7NF10-2AB0 SIPLUS S7-300 SM 331 8AI 40-pole -25...+60°C with conformal coating based on 6ES7331-7NF10-0AB0 . Analog "input isolated, ""8 AI; +/-5/10" V, 1-5 V, +/-20 mA, 0/4 to 20 mA, 16 bit, Single rooting (60 V COM.), 4-channel operation: 10 ms, 8-channel operation: 23-95ms, 1x 40-pole

6AG1326-2BF41-2AY0 SIPLUS S7-300 SM 326F DO8 24VDC 2A

6AG1326-2BF41-2AY0 SIPLUS S7-300 SM 326F DO8 according to EN 50155 T1 Cat 1 Cl A/ B with conformal coating based on 6ES7326-2BF41-0AB0. Digital output F-DO 8x 24 V DC/2A PM fail-safe digital output Sinking-sourcing up to Category 4 (EN 954-1), SIL 3 (IEC 61508)

6AG1326-1BK02-2AB0 SIEMENS SIPLUS S7-300 SM 326F DI24 24VDC

SIPLUS S7-300 SM 326F DI24 40-pole -25...+60°C (70°C with forced…

6AG1331-7PF01-4AB0 SIPLUS S7-300 SM 331 8AI 2/3/4-wire

SIPLUS S7-300 SM 331 8AI with conformal coating based on 6ES7331-7PF01-0AB0…

6AG1326-1BK02-2AY0 SIPLUS S7-300 SM 326F DI24

SIPLUS S7-300 SM 326F DI24 with conformal coating With conformity…

6AG1332-7ND02-4AB0 SIPLUS S7-300 SM332 4AO 4AI

SIPLUS S7-300 SM 332 4AO with conformal coating based on 6ES7332-7ND02-0AB0…

6AG1331-7SF00-4AB0 SIPLUS S7-300 SM331

SIPLUS S7-300 SM 331-20-pole medial exposure with conformal coating…

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