SIMATIC IPC547C is a powerful industrial PC in 19″ design (4U). SIMENS IPC547C is ideally suited to industrial applications demanding maximum PC system performance such as required, for example, in industrial server applications, process visualization, or image processing.
Equipped with powerful and energy-saving Intel Core2 Quad / Duo processors with 64-bit technology, a memory size of up to 8 GB and up to 500 GB serial ATA hard disks, the IPC547C reliably provides high computing performance in 24-hour continuous use at an extremely attractive price.
The 7 long expansion slots in PCI/PCI-Express technology allow for the use of powerful expansion cards such as PCIe x16 graphics cards for the connection of two monitors and PCIe x8 (1 lane) for installing a Framegrabber module.
The IPC547C is equipped with the following to increase system availability:
 Up to 3 mass storage units in RAID5 network for maximum data security and performance with optimum memory space utilization in a hot-swap removable rack
 Comprehensive diagnostics and monitoring options due to LEDs on the front for temperature and fan
 Redundant power supply
 High data transfer rates and redundancy thanks to two teaming-capable Gigabit Ethernet connections
Furthermore, the IPC547C is characterized by
 All-metal enclosure in sophisticated industrial design with high electromagnetic compatibility
 Increased dust protection and low noise due to fan-controlled pressurized cooling
 Maximum computing power without throttling at ambient temperatures from 5 to 40°

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