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Siemens Low Voltage, siemens LV

Series Name: Siemens Low Voltage
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Product Keywords: Siemens Low Voltage, siemens LV

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Siemens Switching Devices – Siemens Switch
SIRIUS solid-state contactors and solid-state relays are optimized for the frequent switching of resistive and motor loads.
They don’t contain any mechanically moving parts and thus offer quiet, wear-free and nearly unlimited switching behavior. The devices’ compact design furthermore facilitates their space-saving assembly in control cabinets.
We offer single- and three-phase solid-state relays and contactors for resistive loads. In addition, our portfolio includes function modules which allow for an easy and flexible adaptation to new requirements.
As an innovation, we now also offer three-phase solid-state contactors and reversing contactors for motor switching. Thanks to their integration in the SIRIUS modular system, motor feeders can be assembled rapidly and easily.
SIRIUS Contactors – Siemens Contactor
Switching with SIRIUS means high contact reliability and increased service life and application options under extreme conditions.
Key features of the SIRIUS system: all devices are suitable as stand-alone devices, as modules for complete load feeders and for installation in low-voltage distribution boards/switchgear.
SIRIUS Coupling Technology