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Siemens Micromaster 420 Inverter

The universal’ inverter is suitable for motor speed control in a vast range of industrial variable speed drive applications such as pumps, fans and conveyor systems. It is especially characterised by its performance, flexibility, and ease of use.

Output up to 11kW
Compact housing dimensions
Simple to install and commission
Robust construction
Designed to make EMC compliance easy
Wide range of user interfaces and communications options
Operating temperature -10ºC to +50ºC
Integrated PI Controller
Remote I/O function via serial communcation or fieldbus link
Integrated compound braking function – often eliminates the need for external braking modules.

Series Name: Micromaster 420 inverter
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RatingFrame sizeIndustrialFiltered
0.12 kW / 0.9 AA6SE6420-2UC11-2AA16SE6420-2AB11-2AA1
0.25 kW / 1.7 AA6SE6420-2UC12-5AA16SE6420-2AB12-5AA1
0.37 kW / 2.3 AA6SE6420-2UC13-7AA16SE6420-2AB13-7AA1
0.55 kW / 3.0 AA6SE6420-2UC15-5AA16SE6420-2AB15-5AA1
0.75 kW / 3.9 AA6SE6420-2UC17-5AA16SE6420-2AB17-5AA1
1.1 kW / 5.5 AB6SE6420-2UC21-1BA16SE6420-2AB21-1BA1
1.5 kW / 7.4 AB6SE6420-2UC21-5BA16SE6420-2AB21-5BA1
2.2 kW / 10.4 AB6SE6420-2UC22-2BA16SE6420-2AB22-2BA1
3 kW /13.6 AC6SE6420-2UC23-0CA16SE6420-2AB23-0CA1
THREE PHASE 380 / 480V
RatingFrame SizeIndustrialFiltered
0.37 kW / 1.2 AA6SE6420-2UD13-7AA16SE6400-2FA00-6AD0
0.55 kW / 1.6 AA6SE6420-2UD15-5AA16SE6400-2FA00-6AD0
0.75 kW / 2.1 AA6SE6420-2UD17-5AA16SE6400-2FA00-6AD0
1.1 kW / 4.0 AA6SE6420-2UD21-1AA16SE6400-2FA00-6AD0
1.5 kW / 4.0 AA6SE6420-2UD21-5AA16SE6400-2FA00-6AD0
2.2 kW / 5.9 AB6SE6420-2UD22-2BA16SE6420-2AD22-2BA1
3 kW / 7.7 AB6SE6420-2UD23-0BA16SE6420-2AD23-0BA1
4 kW / 10.2AB6SE6420-2UD24-0BA16SE6420-2AD24-0BA1
5.5 kW / 13.2 AC6SE6420-2UD25-5CA16SE6420-2AD25-5CA1
7.5 kW / 19 AC6SE6420-2UD27-5CA16SE6420-2AD27-5CA1
11 kW / 26 AC6SE6420-2UD31-1CA16SE6420-2AD31-1CA1


Basic Operator Panel (BOP)6SE6400-0BP00-0AA0
Advanced Operator Panel (AOP)6SE6400-0AP00-0AA1
PC-MICROMASTER Connection Kit6SE6400-1PC00-0AA0
Multidrop Panel Mounting Kit (for AOP)6SE6400-0MD00-0AA0
Standard Panel Mounting Kit (for BOP or AOP)6SE6400-0PM00-0AA0
PROFIBUS Module6SE6400-1PB00-0AA0
Device Net Module6SE6400-1DN00-0AA0
Can Bus Module6SE6400-1CB00-0AA0
Frame Size A Gland Plate6SE6400-0GP00-0AA0
Frame Size B Gland Plate6SE6400-0GP00-0BA0
Frame Size C Gland Plate6SE6400-0GP00-0CA0



  • Flux-current control (FCC) to optimise the dynamic response and motor control
  • Slip compensation ensuring constant motor speeds under changing load conditions
  • ‘Flying re-start’ function allows the inverter to be re-connected to motors which are still spinning after brief power interruptions
  • Freely-programmable digital inputs and outputs
  • The analogue I / O can be flexibly programmed (offset, range, addition to the digital set point etc)
  • Multi-point V / f characteristics for simple adaption to different motor types
  • Sophisticated dc injection braking and ‘compound braking’ to assure minimum motor stopping times
  • Complete inverter and motor protection comprising under-voltage / overvoltage, inverter over-temperature, earth fault protection, short circuit protection, motor thermal protection, locked motor and stall prevention.
  • MICROMASTER 420 carries the CE mark for conformance to the low voltage and EMC Directives. It is UL and cUL listed.

  • Three fully programmable opto-isolated digital inputs (4th binary input available via the analogue input)
  • Analogue input, 0-10V (can accommodate 0/4 – 20 mA using a resistor link)
  • Programmable and scalable analogue output, 0 (4) mA to 20 mA
  • Fully programmable relay output, DC 30 V / 5 A resistive, AC 230 V / 2 A inclusive
  • Opto-isolated digital inputs for improved EMC immunity
  • Fast reaction time to analogue, digital and fieldbus commands
  • Integrated RS485 port for serial communications

Micromaster 420 inverter Product Manual


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Siemens Micromaster 420

Buy Siemens Siemens Micromaster 420 Inverters parts, 100% original and Made in UK and Germany.

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