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The SIMATIC Panel PC 677B is the direct predecessor of the new HMI IPC677C, which offers a host of innovated features.

The PC 677B are distinguished by their high performance, openness and expandability.

With an optional mirror drive or an integrated RAID controller the PC 677 B meets high demands on system availability for mission critical applications. The PC 677B reaches the highest level of flexibility offering 6 optional front panels, 6 operating system options and the possibility of a distributed configuration.

For application in the food and beverages industry an INOX version with 15” touch display is available. You can order the PC 677 together with WinCC flexible Runtime or WinCC Runtime Software as so called HMI Packages with a considerable price advantage.

Series Name: SIMATIC Panel PC 677B
Panel PC 677B
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Panel PC 677B

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