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The computing unit is used as an entry-level system to PC-based automation, as a basic component for the PC-based HMI devices (Panel PC), as a basic component for PC-based machine operating panels (OP031, OP032S, OP032L, Trumpf OEM BT) and in special configurations as a basis for custom-configured devices. The computing unit is intended for use in industry as well as in the residential, business and commercial areas and can also be used in building system automation or in public facilities, in addition to industrial applications. The computing unit is a compact box computer with Pentium II mobile technology. It is a particularly powerful industrial PC for installation as a box system.

Series Name: SIEMENS PANEL PC670
Siemens PC670
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The computing unit is characterized by its high quality, which is attributable, for example, by: extensive climate, vibration and shock tests to ensure industrial compatibility; electromagnetic compatibility conforming to CE and FCC; UL/CSA approvals; hotline, service, spare parts; quality assurance conforming to ISO 9001; compliance with the requirements for a fire enclosure to EN60950/UL1950 – in other words, it may be used without an additional fire enclosure; compact dimensions; suitability for use in a wide ambient temperature range; a design that is easy to service and maintain.


The computing unit can be installed in virtually all the usual locations (refer to Chapter 2.2). There are anchorage points on both of the longs sides for securing the computing unit. Mounting brackets are screwed onto these anchorage points. Functions

The computing unit is equipped with software which allows it to be used universally. It includes the Windows NT or Windows 98 operating system. (Windows 2000 is in preparation.) The computing unit additionally allows the use of:

  • SIMATIC supplementary software
  • software from the entire world of automation
  • software from the PC world
  • Additional applications:

The computing unit can also be used in other areas of automation engineering (SIMATIC HMI; TELEPERM; SINUMERIK; SIROTEC, etc.).

Remote mount form factor

As an alternative to the integrated standard configuration, Remote mount form factor is possible. The advantages are that The control unit can be installed closer to the machine and inclined at an angle of up to 70  – for example, in a swivel arm (”boom”), The more sensitive computing unit (hard disk!) can be installed vertically some distance away from the machine where vibration is low – for example, in a cabinet. With this configuration, additional components are required for communication between the control unit and the computing unit: The transmitter, which is mounted on the computing unit. The receiver, which is mounted on the control unit; and The cable, which links the two of them. The present equipment manual describes Chapters 2 to 7 basically describe the specific characteristics of the computing unit, but also make reference to the complete unit where necessary – for example, with regard to the dimensions for mounting, maintenance and technical specifications. Chapter 7 describes the Remote Mount form factor of the Panel PC.

Advantages of the computing unit

The computing unit is rugged in design and its functions make it particularly suitable for use on site under harsh industrial conditions. It meets the specific requirements of an industrial environment, such as noise immunity, compliance with standards, ruggedness and continuous operation. Owing to the variable operating location and the many options for installation, the computing unit can be used virtually anywhere. Integrated on the computing unit are all the ports required for SIMATIC automation. Specifically, these are: – parallel port (LPT 1) – serial ports (1x V.24, 1x V.24/TTY) – PS/2 keyboard port (supports PG720/740 keyboard with trackball) – PS/2 mouse port – USB port (1x internal, 1x external) – MPI/L2-DP (max. 12 MBaud) – Cardbus interface, 1 slot (type III) – VGA interface for external monitor – LVDS interface for flat-screen display

SIEMENS PANEL PC670 Product Manual


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Siemens PC670

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