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SINAMICS G130 provides a modular drive system for machine builders and plant constructors which permits a drive solution tailored to their applications. SINAMICS G130 consists of two modular, stand-alone components:
– Power Module and
– Control Unit.
The units can be located separately or combined together. The power module contains a space for the control unit.
The user-friendly AOP30 operator panel is available for start-up and local operation. Predefined interfaces, either via a terminal block or PROFIBUS, facilitate drive start-up and control. The interfaces of the control unit can be supplemented by additional modules.

SINAMICS G130 chassis units and SINAMICS G150 Cabinet units have been designed for variable-speed drives in machine building and plant construction.


Series Name: SINAMICS G130
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Inquiry about this SINAMICS G130 series items

Inquiry about SINAMICS G130 Items

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