The SIWAREX FTA module is a programmable and multi-functional weighing instrument integrated in SIMATIC S7, C7 and PCS7 systems. It can be used for automatic and non-automatic weighing, for example, mixing production, filling, loading, monitoring and bagging. The SIWAREX FTA functional module is integrated into SIMATIC S7/PCS7, using features of such modern automation systems as integrated communications, diagnostics and configuration tools.

By setting parameters in the FTA module, the following functions can be achieved:

nawi (in line with OIML R76 non-automatic weighing balancer)

For example: hopper scale, weighing material level meter, platform scale, bucket scale

awi (OIML R61 automatic load balancer)

For example: big bag packing scale, filling scale

The occlave conforms to the OIML R51 automatic subdivider

For example, a single set of scales is used to measure the weight of feeding and discharging, multiple sets of scales, and the weight control of carriage load

This is in line with the OIML R107 non-continuous accumulative automatic balancer

For example: feeding or loading weighing


Integrated into s7-400, PCS7,

S7-300, C7, im151-7 CPU automation system

Through ET 200M, it is directly integrated in s7-300

Communication interface

SIMATIC S7 (P – Bus),

RS485, RS 232, TTY

EU non-automatic equalizer certification,

Trade grade III

3 x 6000 d, greater than or equal to 0,5 V/e


Internal resolution

16 m letters with parts

Internal/external refresh frequency

400/100 Hz


ATEX 95, FM, CULUS haz. Loc.

EU class certification (OIML R76)EU testing basis MID (OIML R51, R61, R107)

The characteristics

A unified structural design and communication mode integrating SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC PCS 7 systems

The application of decentralized system concepts connected to PROFIBUS DP/PROFINET through ET 200M

The measurement of weights and forces is as high as 16 million

High precision 3 * 6000d, can be calibrated

The rapid quantification of materials by means of rapid communication

Calibration monitor using SIMATIC standard operator panel

Continuous or progressive precision flow control

Current switching control with accuracy (< 1ms)

The input and output signals that can be defined

Through parameter definition, it can be applied to most kinds of weighing applications

Flexible adjustment of different requirements

The setting parameters can be conveniently made through SIWATOOL FTA software

It has the function of theoretical calibration and does not need to calibrate weights

When replacing the module, the scale need not be re-calibrated

This is just another one

The database can be equipped with commercial certification weighing apparatus data storage

Can be used in Ex explosion proof area