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The SIWAREX FTA module is a programmable and multi-functional weighing instrument integrated in SIMATIC S7, C7 and PCS7 systems. It can be used for automatic and non-automatic weighing, for example, mixing production, filling, loading, monitoring and bagging. The SIWAREX FTA functional module is integrated into SIMATIC S7/PCS7, using features of such modern automation systems as integrated communications, diagnostics and configuration tools.

By setting parameters in the FTA module, the following functions can be achieved:

nawi (in line with OIML R76 non-automatic weighing balancer)

For example: hopper scale, weighing material level meter, platform scale, bucket scale

awi (OIML R61 automatic load balancer)

For example: big bag packing scale, filling scale

The occlave conforms to the OIML R51 automatic subdivider

For example, a single set of scales is used to measure the weight of feeding and discharging, multiple sets of scales, and the weight control of carriage load

This is in line with the OIML R107 non-continuous accumulative automatic balancer

For example: feeding or loading weighing

Series Name: SIWAREX FTA
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Inquiry about this SIWAREX FTA series items

Inquiry about SIWAREX FTA Items

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