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The SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet is the ready-for-connection drive cabinet. The SINAMICS DC MASTER DC Converter forms the heart of the cabinet and is scalable in many areas, including computer performance, field power supply, armature power supply and interfaces.

The basic version of the SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet itself comes with all the components required to supply power to a DC motor from the three-phase network, is ready for connection and can be put into operation immediately via the AOP30.

In addition to the DC Converter options, the SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet has a large number of cabinet options and can therefore be adapted to a wide range of different requirements and conditions.

Optionally, for example, it is possible to adapt the system to the environmental conditions or to the available auxiliary power supply. It is also possible to use the basic version of the cabinet as a starting point for order-specific adaptations, from simply rounding off a standard option to power expansion or special applications.

Series Name: SINAMICS DC 6RM80
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SINAMICS DCM Cabinets 6RM80 Supplier We provide the assembled version of 6RM80 product Cabinets, and all the accessories are from the official Siemens, which are 100% tested and strictly tested before delivery. Please consult our sales department for price.

Inquiry about this SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet series items

Inquiry about SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet Items

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