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SIEMENS Frequency inverters MICROMASTER 430

Power from 7.5KW~250KW

The MICROMASTER 430s are a range of 3AC-frequency inverters for controlling the speed of three phase AC motors. The various models available range from the 7,5 kW input to the 250 kW input.
The MICROMASTER 430 is especially well suited for use with pumps and ventilators when used with its factory set functions and settings.
The inverters are microprocessor-controlled and use state-of-the-art Insulated Gate BipoIar Transistor (IGBT) technology. This makes them reliable and versatile. A special pulse-width modulation method with selectable Pulse frequency permits quiet motor operation. Comprehensive protective functions provide excellent inverter and motor protection.

Series Name: Micromaster 430
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Inquiry about this MICROMASTER 430 series items


Inquiry about MICROMASTER 430 Items

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