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Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies supplies a comprehensive range of automation, electrical distribution and drives products worldwide and is the largest supplier of variable speed drives in Europe.



With a reputation for innovative technology and the highest quality, the complete family of Siemens MICROMASTER & SINAMICS drives can fulfill a vast range of application requirements. Add to that, high efficiency motors and gear boxes, then Siemens has the optimum cost effective solution for all drive applications.

The Siemens range of Drives includes:

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SINAMICS G110  (0.12kW – 3kW) This compact entry level variable speed drive operates on single phase supplies and is the ideal solution for low cost, low power drive applications.
SINAMICS G120  (0.37kW – 132kW) The new, modular frequency inverter with innovative functions for Safety Integrated, Energy Regeneration and Communications.



SINAMICS G120 is a high performance single motor drive and integrates worldwide unique technologies – safety functions without encoders, regenerative feedback for standard drives and SiC technology with a high robustness & dependability. 

The SINAMICS G120 modular concept consist of a power module, a control unit and a range of application specific options such as line filters, input and output reactors, operator panels, micro memory cards and braking resistors, etc. The G120 power modules are available in 2 variants:
G120 Power Modules – PM240 (0.37kW – 132kW) with integrated brake chopper.

G120 Power Modules PM250 (7.5kW – 90kW) with energy recovery system.
The G120 control units (CU) are available with a number of variants; Standard communication units with USS, Profibus DP or Profinet. Safety integrated fail safe control units are available with Profibus DP and Profisafe.



G120D Frequency Inverters Distributed variant of the SINAMICS G120 for cabinetless designs, in a high degree of protection. Compact with integral energy recovery SINAMICS G120D is specifically harmonised to sophisticated conveyor-related applications in the industrial environment – where a distributed, communications-capable drive is required.

MICROMASTER 420  (0.12kW – 11kW) The universal drive for single and three phase supplies. Especially suited for conveyors, pumps and fans.

MICROMASTER 430  (7.5kW – 250kW) ‘The specialist drive for pumps and fans’ with optimised operator panel (manual / auto switchover), matched software functionality and optimised power efficiency.

MICROMASTER 440  (0.12kW – 250kW) ‘The all-purpose’ drive with advanced vector control (with and without encoder feedback) and integrated logic control function. For demanding applications in sectors such as conveying systems, textiles, elevators, hoisting gear and machine control requirements.

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