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The SIMATIC HMI IPC677C is available in numerous versions with 12″, 15″, or 19″ display and attractive front design.

Operation is realized via the touch screen or the keys.

For application in the food and beverages industry an INOX version with 15” touch display is available. A version without display is available as Box PC SIMATIC IPC627C.

Higher system availability and data security can be achieved with the optional RAID1 mirror disk system (RAID1 controller onboard). The vibration and shock-absorbing suspension of all hard disk modules further increases the ruggedness of the system.

A retentive data memory ensures that process data are retained in the event of a power failure. Alternative to the PROFIBUS interface, a CP 1616-compatible PROFINET interface with 3 ports is also available.

The SIMATIC IPC677C is equipped with powerful processors (Intel Dual Core). Thanks to the use of mobile processors with low power losses, 24-hour/365-daycontinuous operation is also possible at high ambient temperatures.

A new option is the operation of SIMATIC WinCC with server functionality on Windows 2003 Standard Server.

Series Name: IPC677C
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