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SIEMENS PLCs -SIMATIC S7-400 Controller

SIMATIC S7-400 advanced controller

The S7-400 is the most powerful PLC in the family of SIMATIC controllers. It enables successful automation solutions with Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). The S7-400 is an automation platform for system solutions in production and process engineering, and it is characterized primarily by its modularity and performance reserves.

Part of the SIMATIC process controller series, the S7-400 has been designed for system solutions in the fields of manufacturing and process automation. This process controller is ideal for data-intensive tasks that are especially typical for the process industry. S7-400 and the innovated S7-410 product line will stay the hardware backbone of the PCS 7 control system.

Series Name: Siemens S7-400
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Product Keywords: Siemens S7-400

Siemens S7-400

• The power PLC for the mid to high-end performance ranges.
• The solution for even the most demanding tasks.
• With a comprehensive range of modules and performancegraded CPUs for optimal adaptation to the automation task.
• Flexible in use through simple implementation of distributed structures.
• User-friendly connections.
• Optimal communication and networking options.
• User-friendly handling and uncomplicated design without a fan.
• Can be expanded without problems when the tasks increase.
• Multicomputing:
Simultaneous operation of several CPUs in one S7-400 central controller.
Multicomputing distributes the overall performance power of an S7-400. For example, complex tasks can be divided into technologies such as open-loop control, computing or
communication, and assigned to different CPUs. And every CPU can be assigned its own local I/O.


• Fault-tolerant automation system with redundant design.
• For applications with high fail-safety requirements.
Processes with high restart costs, expensive downtimes, little supervision, and few maintenance options.
• Redundant central functions.
• Increases availability of I/O: switched I/O configuration.
• Also possible to use I/Os with standard availability: singlesided configuration.
• Hot stand-by: automatic reaction-free switching to the standby unit in the event of a fault.
• Configuration with two separate or one divided central rack.
• Connection of switched I/O via redundant PROFIBUS DP or via system reduntant PROFINET IO.

S7-400F/FHImage result for S7-400F/FH
• Failsafe automation system for plants with increased safety requirements
• Complies with safety requirements to SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508, AK6 in accordance with DIN V 19250 and Cat. 4 in accordance with EN 954-1
• If required, also fault tolerant through redundant design
• Without additional wiring of the safety-related I/O
• Safety-relevant communication via PROFIBUS DP with PROFIsafe profile
• Based on S7-400H and distributed IOs ET 200M with fail-safe modules
• Standard modules for non-safety-related applications can also be used in the automation system
• Isolation module for joint use of fail-safe and standard modules in safety mode in one ET 200M

Features of the S7-400
The S7-400 programmable controller combines all the advantages of the previous system with those of a new system and new software. These are:
• A graded CPU platform
• Upwardly-compatible CPUs
• Enclosed modules of rugged design
• Convenient terminal system for the signal modules
• Compact modules with a high component density
• Optimum communication and networking facilities
• Convenient incorporation of operator interface systems
• Software parameter assignment for all modules
• Extensive choice of slots
• Operation without fans
• Multicomputing in the non-segmented rack


Central processing units

  • Standard CPUs
  • CPU 412
  • CPU 414
  • CPU 416
  • CPU 417

SIPLUS S7-400 Standard CPUs

  • SIPLUS S7-400 CPU 412
  • SIPLUS S7-400 CPU 414
  • SIPLUS S7-400 CPU 416
  • SIPLUS S7-400 CPU 417

Fail-safe CPUs

  • CPU 414F
  • CPU 416F

High availability CPUs

  • CPU 412H, CPU 414H, CPU 416H,
  • CPU 417H

SIPLUS S7-400 Hihg-availability CPUs

  • SIPLUS S7-400 CPU 412H
  • SIPLUS S7-400 CPU 414H
  • SIPLUS S7-400 CPU 416H
  • SIPLUS S7-400 CPU 417H

More information on SIMATIC S7-400 Advanced Controller manuals

Siemens S7-400 use software:

  • SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional edition
  • SIMATIC TIA V11 V12 V13 B15

Siemens S7-400 Product Manual


Manual & Datasheet

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2 pdf S7-400 Automation System, CPU Specifications datasheet03/25/2020 01:20admin3 MB26
3 pdf SIMATIC S7-400 advanced controller_201703/25/2020 01:20admin3 MB35

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Siemens S7-400

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