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Industrial PC  SIMATIC IPC547G

The SIMATIC IPC547G is a rugged industrial PC in 19″ rack design (4U).

The new enclosure concept of the Simatic IPC547G rack PC is designed for easy access to components and to make expansion, maintenance and service quicker. For example, the enclosure cover can be opened with a single screw while fans, filter mats or hard disks can be replaced without the need for tools in a slide-in changing unit. Front-panel LEDs and the Simatic IPC DiagBase/DiagMonitor diagnostics software also support preventive maintenance and rapid troubleshooting.

Simatic IPC547G offers system and data availability and reliable 24/7 continuous operation under harsh ambient conditions, including temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. System availability is also improved by a redundant power supply unit (hot-swap) and the secure remote access via the Intel iAMT 11.0-aided Simatic IPC RemoteManager. Versatile RAID1/5 configurations – with HDDs, SSDs or an optional hot-spare hard drive – are available to ensure data availability.

Series Name: IPC547G
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