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DC drive system is a simple and excellent transmission program – so we have reason to innovate for its development. The fundamental reason for this innovation is that, in terms of efficiency and starting in terms of economy and operating characteristics, the DC drive system has its advantages in its proper application in terms of comfort and reliability of operation. SIMOREG® DC-MASTER will provide the best features and intelligence – with novel performance, giving the DC drive system with new vitality.

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Product Keywords: SIMOREG DC-MASTER

The system is suitable for a variety of applications using SIMOREG DC-MASTER, its application without limitations, its function, a wide range of output power and voltage range and common operational control principles for the wide range of industrial applications provides the best solution. Whether the SIMOREGDC-MASTER is supplied to a DC motor or a special case, it always provides optimum performance and high intelligence.Motor, transmission system of the moving organs SIMOREG DC-MASTER and our motor constitute the ideal combination of transmission system. The compact Siemens DC motor is used around the world due to its reasonable price transmission technology and the highest utilization rate. The drive system is rugged, durable and has a wide power range from 0.7kW to 1550kW. Self-cooled or strong Forced air, with or without fan, protection class IP23, IP54 or IP55: due to the modular design, you can achieve any of the above combinations. What’s more, our DC motor can be integrated into an automated environment via a motor interface. – continuous monitoring, accurate diagnosis, effective maintenance and service.

The SIMOREG DC-MASTER product family offers the best products for difficult drive applications and standard solutions. The product has extremely fast control characteristics: its current and torque rise time is less than 10ms. For a single quadrant or four quadrant drive for armature and field power supply, the output power ranges from 6kW to 1900kW.

• The output range has been extended to 12,000A
• Input voltage range from 400V to 830V
• Fully integrated into all automation environments
• Very fast and easy to put into operation
• Modular structure
• Standard configuration is extended to achieve high performance
• Extremely easy operation control with consistent operational control principles

DC drive system with its special powerful technology to make it meet the requirements of the use of the occasion. SIMOREG DC-MASTER has established a new standard in all aspects – in the field of operation and design, comfortable operation and extensive use.
SIMOREG DC-MASTER these features, so that it can meet the maximum requirements of the DC drive system – whether it is used in an industrial field, or used in a particular application, there will be no difference.

Has a unified operation with MASTERDRIVES
SIMOREG DC-MASTER operation is very simple. No special programming knowledge is required, all settings can be made via the parameter setting device. Parameter settings can be made through the PC menu prompts to achieve rapid input, but also through the simple operating area and with SIMOVIS.

Everything can be seen, everything can be manipulated
Operation panel: OP1S
Can not be faster, nor can it be simplified: with 4 lines of 16 characters showing comfort

The operator panel OP1S offers many advantages in terms of comfort and functionality.

It can display physical quantities can also be used as handheld devices and for data storage; existing parameters can be quickly set, so put into operation directly and easily. Especially when used in more than one motor debugging, it is more convenient. Hardware aspects no longer need to change. No need for jumper insertion or potentiometer adjustment. The operator panel OP1S is available on all SIMOREGDC-MASTER and SIMOVERT®MASTERDRIVES.

Accurately meet a variety of requirements
SIMOREG DC-MASTER is known for its high degree of reliability and practicality in various industrial areas around the world: such as printing machinery main drive, walking mechanism and lifting mechanism in the crane industry, elevator and cable car drive in the rubber industry and papermaking Industrial applications, cutting drives in the steel industry, rolling mill drives, coiler drives, crosscutting machines or thin film machinery and load machinery for motors, gas turbines or gearbox testing machines.

High intelligence:
With a unified communication technology
When the transmission system between each other, the system is intelligent. Here, SIMOREG DC-MASTER is a communication specialist: they can be fully integrated in the automation facilities, and ideally suited to each PLC and can easily communicate with all subsystems (available from Siemens or other manufacturers).
Thanks to the SIMOREG DC-MASTER, intelligent DC drive technology enables fully integrated automation and for all applications.

In the standard case, in the basic device governor, the electronic box is flexible to allow insertion of communication modules and process modules.

Flexibility and economy
SIMOREG DC-MASTER has the best flexibility and economy in any application:
• Reduce active system and bus system pressure
• In many cases, no PLC is required
• The interface is reduced
• Less cable and higher immunity to interference
• Open loop and closed loop control are integrated into the system
• Open distribution system solution
• The process software is placed in the base unit

– BICO technology
Open and standard PROFIBUSDP
Fieldbus system, through the RS232 interface can be directly connected to the PC and the device to the device communication. In this case, PROFIBUS-DP is the central communication medium of the network in the automation facility.

BICO, the new software solution using the new BICO technology to SIMOREG DC-MASTER in software functionality to a new level. Among them, two powerful processors handle armature circuits and excitation circuits with open-loop and closed-loop drive control functions. With BICO technology, the function blocks are combined by the application-oriented functional unit type – this is a simple parameter setting process.
Device to device communication

The communication between the various frequency converters implements the connection of the device by using the RS485 interface, thus realizing a high speed all-digital set value chain

6RA70 DC governor has been discontinued, the new upgrade alternative model for the 6RA80 series DC governor.
Currently supplied products for spare parts!



No.Order No.DescriptionInput voltageOutput CurrentOutput voltageWork quadrantProtection levelcountry of originExcitation voltageExcitation current
16RA7018-6DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 30A, 1Q3AC 400V 30A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V5A
26RA7025-6DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 60A, 1Q3AC 400V 60A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V10A
36RA7028-6DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 90A, 1Q3AC 400V 90A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V10A
46RA7031-6DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 125A, 1Q3AC 400V 125A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V10A
56RA7075-6DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 210A, 1Q3AC 400V 210A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V15A
66RA7078-6DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 280A, 1Q3AC 400V 280A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V15A
76RA7081-6DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 400A, 1Q3AC 400V 400A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V25A
86RA7085-6DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 600A, 1Q3AC 400V 600A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V25A
96RA7087-6DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 850A, 1Q3AC 400V 850A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V30A
106RA7091-6DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 1200A, 1Q3AC 400V 1200A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V30A
116RA7093-4DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 1500A, 1Q3AC 400V 1500A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V40A
126RA7095-4DS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400V, 2000A, 1Q3AC 400V 2000A DC 485V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria   325V40A
146RA7018-6FS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 460V, 30A, 1Q3AC 460V 30A DC 550V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V5A
156RA7025-6FS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 460V, 60A, 1Q3AC 460V 60A DC 550V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V10A
166RA7028-6FS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 460V, 90A, 1Q3AC 460V 90A DC 550V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V10A
176RA7031-6FS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 460V, 125A, 1Q3AC 460V 125A DC 550V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V10A
186RA7075-6FS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 460V, 210A, 1Q3AC 460V 210A DC 550V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V15A
196RA7078-6FS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 460V, 280A, 1Q3AC 460V 280A DC 550V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V15A
206RA7082-6FS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 460V, 450A, 1Q3AC 460V 450A DC 550V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V25A
216RA7085-6FS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 460V, 600A, 1Q3AC 460V 600A DC 550V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V25A
236RA7025-6GS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 60A, 1Q3AC 575V 60A DC 690V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V5A
246RA7031-6GS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 125A, 1Q3AC 575V 125A DC 690V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V10A
256RA7075-6GS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 210A, 1Q3AC 575V 210A DC 690V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V15A
266RA7081-6GS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 400A, 1Q3AC 575V 400A DC 690V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V25A
276RA7085-6GS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 600A, 1Q3AC 575V 600A DC 690V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V25A
286RA7087-6GS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 800A, 1Q3AC 575V 800A DC 690V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V30A
296RA7090-6GS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 1000A, 1Q3AC 575V 1000A DC 690V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V30A
306RA7093-4GS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 1600A, 1Q3AC 575V 1600A DC 690V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A
316RA7095-4GS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 2000A, 1Q3AC 575V 2000A DC 690V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A
336RA7013-6DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 15A, 4Q3AC 400V 15A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V3A
346RA7018-6DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 30A, 4Q3AC 400V 30A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V5A
356RA7025-6DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 60A, 4Q3AC 400V 60A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V10A
366RA7028-6DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 90A, 4Q3AC 400V 90A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V10A
376RA7031-6DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 125A, 4Q3AC 400V 125A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V10A
386RA7075-6DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 210A, 4Q3AC 400V 210A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V15A
396RA7078-6DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 280A, 4Q3AC 400V 280A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V15A
406RA7081-6DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 400A, 4Q3AC 400V 400A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V25A
416RA7085-6DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 600A, 4Q3AC 400V 600A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V25A
426RA7087-6DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 850A, 4Q3AC 400V 850A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V30A
436RA7091-6DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 1200A, 4Q3AC 400V 1200A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V30A
446RA7093-4DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 1600A, 4Q3AC 400V 1600A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V40A
456RA7095-4DV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 400, 2000A, 4Q3AC 400V 2000A DC 420V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria325V40A
476RA7025-6GV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 60A, 4Q3AC 575V 60A DC 600V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V5A
486RA7031-6GV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 125A, 4Q3AC 575V 125A DC 600V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V10A
496RA7075-6GV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 210A, 4Q3AC 575V 210A DC 600V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V15A
506RA7081-6GV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 400A, 4Q3AC 575V 400A DC 600V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V25A
516RA7085-6GV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 600A, 4Q3AC 575V 600A DC 600V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V25A
526RA7087-6GV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 850A, 4Q3AC 575V 850A DC 600V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V30A
536RA7090-6GV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 1100A, 4Q3AC 575V 1100A DC 600V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V30A
546RA7093-4GV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 1600A, 4Q3AC 575V 1600A DC 600V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A
556RA7095-4GV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 575, 2000A, 4Q3AC 575V 2000A DC 600V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A
576RA7086-6KS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 690, 720A, 1Q3AC 690V 720A DC 830V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V30A
586RA7088-6KS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 690, 950A, 1Q3AC 690V 950A DC 830V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V30A
596RA7093-4KS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 690, 1500A, 1Q3AC 690V 1500A DC 830V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A
606RA7095-4KS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 690, 2000A, 1Q3AC 690V 2000A DC 830V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A
616RA7086-6KV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 690, 760A, 4Q3AC 690V 760A DC 725V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V30A
626RA7090-6KV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 690, 1000A, 4Q3AC 690V 1000A DC 725V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V30A
636RA7093-4KV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 690, 1500A, 4Q3AC 690V 1500A DC 725V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A
646RA7095-4KV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 690, 2000A, 4Q3AC 690V 2000A DC 725V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A
656RA7088-6LS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 830, 900A, 1Q3AC 830V 900A DC 1000V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V30A
666RA7093-4LS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 830, 1500A, 1Q3AC 830V 1500A DC 1000V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A
676RA7095-4LS22-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 830, 1900A, 1Q3AC 830V 1900A DC 1000V Single quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A
686RA7088-6LV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 830, 950A, 4Q3AC 830V 950A DC 875V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V30A
696RA7093-4LV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 830, 1500A, 4Q3AC 830V 1500A DC 875V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A
706RA7095-4LV62-0SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70 3AC 830, 1900A, 4Q3AC 830V 1900A DC 875V Four-quadrant IP00 Made in Austria375V40A



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