The course for tomorrow’s industrial world is already set today. With SIMATIC WinCC V7, you can rely on a future-proof system. Find out how SIMATIC WinCC V7 optimally prepares you for the requirements of tomorrow already today.


Process visualization using plant intelligence


The SIEMENS WinCC basic software is the core of an integrated system comprising WinCC, WinCC options and WinCC

SIEMENS WINCCAdd-ons, all designed to build up a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

The basic software itself represents a powerful, universally applicable process visualization system that offers all

features of a sophisticated SIEMENSHMI Software WINCC.

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SIEMENS WINCC Runtime Version Software
All SIEMENS WINCC HMI Software functions onboard, this characterizes the Runtime component of the WinCC basic software: Starting with a user administration that meets all requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ranging to a user interface with lots of configurable controls and functions up to a performant message and archiving system based on the integrated MS SQL Server. Reporting and logging system as well as integrated control technology functions complete the list.

SIEMENS WINCC Engineering Version Software
The Engineering Component Siemens WinCC CS offers a set of editors that leave nothing to be desired when talking about efficiency or user friendliness. Libraries and wizards make the generation of a project fast and easy and reduce error-proneness considerably.
As a software for most complex HMI tasks WinCC is able to handle comprehensive projects and mass data.

The basic system is scalable in all respects by employing Siemens WinCC options. The basic software can already be adapted to increasing quantity structures by finely graded licenses.
Yet a chosen license can easily be upgraded in regard to the number of process tags.

By employing WinCC/Server you can run Siemens WinCC as a Client/Server application.
Siemens WinCC/Redundancy is used to build up a high available Siemens SCADA system.

Siemens WinCC/CAS offers the possibility for setting up a scalable, central process data archiving.
The WinCC/Web Navigator allows you to visualize and operate your plant via the Internet with nearly the same functionality as a WinCC client but unbeatable flexibility.

In addition to Siemens WinCC Clients, Siemens WinCC Server can now also be used with Siemens WinCC V7.0 SP2 under VMware ESXi, and engineering stations under VMware Workstation resp. VMware Player.This means that complex Client/Server structures as well as single-user systems can be configured with virtual environments.

SIMATIC WinCC consistently builds on the highest possible openness and ability to integrate as it is designed for using standard technologies and software tools: This comprises basic technologies, operating systems, the ways of communication or the ability to integrate scripts, all on a non-proprietary basis.

FDA compliance
The basic system is designed technology- and sector-independent. Nevertheless it fulfills special requirements  of particular industries, e.g. the FDA regulations for the pharmaceutical industry..

Plant Intelligence
SCADA  (Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition) establishes a basis for Plant Intelligence solutions. Siemens WinCC is able to acquire and archive process data, which can be aggregated, analyzed and sent to MES-systems for further processing using the Siemens WinCC Plant Intelligence options.

Product NameOrder NumberAoteWell stock
SIMATIC WinCC system software V7.0
Runtime packages on DVD
Language variants: G/E/F/I/S ; with license for:
· 128 PowerTags (RT 128)6AV6381-2BC07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 512 PowerTags (RT 512)6AV6381-2BD07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 2048 PowerTags (RT 2048)6AV6381-2BE07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 8192 PowerTags (RT 8192)6AV6381-2BH07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 65536 PowerTags (RT 65536)6AV6381-2BF07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 102400 PowerTags (RT 102400)6AV6381-2BJ07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 153600 PowerTags (RT 153600)6AV6381-2BK07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 262144 PowerTags (RT 262144)6AV6381-2BL07-0AX0IN STOCK
incl. 512 archive variables each
Complete packages on DVD
Language variants: G/E/F/I/S ; with license for:
· 128 PowerTags (RC 128)6AV6381-2BM07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 512 PowerTags (RC 512)6AV6381-2BN07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 2048 PowerTags (RC 2048)6AV6381-2BP07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 8192 PowerTags (RC 8192)6AV6381-2BS07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 65536 PowerTags (RC 65536)6AV6381-2BQ07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 102400 PowerTags (RC 102400)6AV6381-2BT07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 153600 PowerTags (RC 153600)6AV6381-2BU07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 262144 PowerTags (RC 262144)6AV6381-2BV07-0AX0IN STOCK
incl. 512 archive variables each
SIMATIC WinCC V7.0 Powerpacks 
For upgrading from:
Runtime packages
· 128 auf 512 PowerTags6AV6371-2BD07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 128 auf 2048 PowerTags6AV6371-2BE07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 128 auf 8192 PowerTags6AV6371-2BK07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 128 auf 65536 PowerTags6AV6371-2BF07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 512 auf 2048 PowerTags6AV6371-2BG07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 512 auf 8192 PowerTags6AV6371-2BL07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 512 auf 65536 PowerTags6AV6371-2BH07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 2048 auf 8192 PowerTags6AV6371-2BM07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 2048 auf 65536 PowerTags6AV6371-2BJ07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 8192 auf 65536 PowerTags6AV6371-2BN07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 65536 auf 102400 PowerTags6AV6371-2BP07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 102400 auf 153600 PowerTags6AV6371-2BQ07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 153600 auf 262144 PowerTags6AV6371-2BR07-0AX0IN STOCK
Complete packages
· 128 auf 512 PowerTags6AV6371-2BD17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 128 auf 2048 PowerTags6AV6371-2BE17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 128 auf 8192 PowerTags6AV6371-2BK17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 128 auf 65536 PowerTags6AV6371-2BF17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 512 auf 2048 PowerTags6AV6371-2BG17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 512 auf 8192 PowerTags6AV6371-2BL17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 512 auf 65536 PowerTags6AV6371-2BH17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 2048 auf 8192 PowerTags6AV6371-2BM17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 2048 auf 65536 PowerTags6AV6371-2BJ17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 8192 auf 65536 PowerTags6AV6371-2BN17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 65536 auf 102400 PowerTags6AV6371-2BP17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 102400 auf 153600 PowerTags6AV6371-2BQ17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 153600 auf 262144 PowerTags6AV6371-2BR17-0AX0IN STOCK
SIMATIC WinCC V7.0 Archives
with licenses for:
· 1500 archive variables6AV6371-1DQ17-0AX0IN STOCK
· 5000 archive variables6AV6371-1DQ17-0BX0Contact Us
· 10000 archive variables6AV6371-1DQ17-0CX0Contact Us
· 30000 archive variables6AV6371-1DQ17-0EX0Contact Us
· 80000 archive variables6AV6371-1DQ17-0GX0Contact Us
· 120000 archive variables6AV6371-1DQ17-0JX0Contact Us
SIMATIC WinCC V7.0 Archive Powerpacks  
For upgrading the archiving:
· 1500 to 5000 archive variables6AV6371-1DQ17-0AB0IN STOCK
· 5000 to 10000 archive variables6AV6371-1DQ17-0BC0Contact Us
· 10000 to 30000 archive variables6AV6371-1DQ17-0CE0Contact Us
· 30000 to 80000 archive variables6AV6371-1DQ17-0EG0Contact Us
· 80000 to 120000 archive variables6AV6371-1DQ17-0GJ0Contact Us
SIMATIC WinCC Upgrade / Comprehensive Support 1)
WinCC V7 Upgrade
· for upgrading the RT version, V6.2 -> V7.06AV6381-2AA07-0AX3Contact Us
· for upgrading the RT version, V6.0 -> V7.06AV6381-2AA07-0AX4Contact Us
· for upgrading the client RT version, V6.2 -> V7.06AV6381-2BC07-0AX3Contact Us
· for upgrading the client RT version, V6.0 -> V7.06AV6381-2BC07-0AX4Contact Us
· for upgrading the RC version, V6.2 -> V7.06AV6381-2AB07-0AX3Contact Us
· for upgrading the RC version, V6.0 -> V7.06AV6381-2AB07-0AX4Contact Us
WinCC Comprehensive Support 2) 
Contains current updates/upgrades for WinCC basic software and options
· 1 license6AV6381-1AA00-0AX5IN STOCK
· 3 licenses6AV6381-1AA00-0BX5Contact Us
· 10 licenses6AV6381-1AA00-0CX5Contact Us
Options for flexible system configurations
·  for WinCC V7.06AV6371-1CA07-0AX0Contact Us
WinCC/CAS V7.0 (Central Archive Server)
· incl. 1500 archive tags6AV6371-1DQ17-0XX0Contact Us
WinCC/CAS V7.0 (Central Archive Server) Upgrade
· V6.2 -> V7.06AV6371-1DQ17-0XX3Contact Us
WinCC/WebNavigator V7.0
· basic package (3 client licenses)6AV6371-1DH07-0AX0IN STOCK
· 10 client licenses6AV6371-1DH07-0BX0Contact Us
· 25 client licenses6AV6371-1DH07-0CX0Contact Us
· 50 client licenses6AV6371-1DH07-0DX0Contact Us
WinCC/WebNavigator V7.0 Powerpack
· from 3 to 10 clients6AV6371-1DH07-0AB0IN STOCK
· from 10 to 25 clients6AV6371-1DH07-0BC0Contact Us
· from 25 to 50 clients6AV6371-1DH07-0CD0Contact Us
WinCC/WebNavigator V7.0 Upgrade 3) 
V6.2 -> V7.0
· basic package (3 client licenses)6AV6371-1DH07-0AX3Contact Us
· 10 client licenses6AV6371-1DH07-0BX3Contact Us
· 25 client licenses6AV6371-1DH07-0CX3Contact Us
· 50 client licenses6AV6371-1DH07-0DX3Contact Us
WinCC/WebNavigator V7.0 Upgrade 3) 
V6.0 / V6.1 -> V7.0
· basic package (3 client licenses)6AV6371-1DH07-0AX4Contact Us
· 10 client licenses6AV6371-1DH07-0BX4Contact Us
· 25 client licenses6AV6371-1DH07-0CX4Contact Us
· 50 client licenses6AV6371-1DH07-0DX4Contact Us
WinCC/WebNavigator V7.0 Diagnostics Client/Server
· Diagnostics Client6AV6371-1DH07-0EX0Contact Us
· Diagnostics Server6AV6371-1DH07-0FX0Contact Us
· Diagnostics Client Upgrade V6.x -> V7.06AV6371-1DH07-0EX4Contact Us
· Diagnostics Server Upgrade V6.x -> V7.06AV6371-1DH07-0FX4Contact Us
WinCC/Web Load Balancing V7.0
· Web Load Balancing (2 licenses)6AV6371-1DH07-0JX0Contact Us
· Web Load Balancing StepUp (2 licenses)6AV6371-1DH07-0FJ0Contact Us
Options to increase availability
· for WinCC V7.06AV6371-1CF07-0AX0IN STOCK
Options for IT and Business Integration
WinCC/DataMonitor V7.0
·  1 client license6AV6371-1DN07-0LX0IN STOCK
·  3 client licenses6AV6371-1DN07-0AX0Contact Us
· 10 client licenses6AV6371-1DN07-0BX0Contact Us
· 25 client licenses6AV6371-1DN07-0CX0Contact Us
· 50 client licenses6AV6371-1DN07-0DX0Contact Us
WinCC/DataMonitor V7.0 Powerpacks
· from 1 to 3 clients6AV6371-1DN07-0LA0Contact Us
· from 3 to 10 clients6AV6371-1DN07-0AB0Contact Us
· from 10 to 25 clients6AV6371-1DN07-0BC0Contact Us
· from 25 to 50 clients6AV6371-1DN07-0CD0Contact Us
WinCC/DataMonitor V7.0 Upgrades
· V6.2 -> V7.06AV6371-1DN07-0XX3Contact Us
· V6.0 / V6.1 -> V7.06AV6371-1DN07-0XX4Contact Us
Options for SCADA expansions
WinCC/User Archives
· for WinCC V7.06AV6371-1CB07-0AX0Contact Us
Options for individual system expansions
WinCC/ConnectivityPack V7.0
· for WinCC V7.06AV6371-1DR07-0AX0Contact Us
WinCC/ConnectivityStation V7.0
· for WinCC V7.06AV6371-1DR17-0AX0Contact Us
WinCC/ConnectivityPack / – Station V7.0 Upgrade 
· contained in WinCC basic upgrade
WinCC/IndustrialX V7.0
· for WinCC V7.06AV6371-1EL17-0AX0Contact Us
1) According to the license conditions, 1 Upgrade or 1 Comprehensive Support package must be ordered for each WinCC station.
2) Comprehensive Support runs for one year. The contract is automatically extended by a further year unless canceled 3 months prior to expiry.
3) incl- upgrade for Diagnostics Client, Diagnostics Server, Web Load Balancing and Web Load Balancing StepUp

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