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Power range: 6.3 kW up to 30 MW Rated supply voltage: 3 AC 400 up to 950 V

The series of SINAMICS DC MASTER DC Converters includes the following components:

  • Electronics module with Control Unit (CUD) and slot for expansionusing another CUD (in a cradle that can be swiveled out)
  • Power section with thyristors in a fully-controlled three-phasebridge circuit configuration (two-quadrant drive: B6C or fourquadrantdrive: (B6) A (B6) C) 1)
  • Fan (up to 125 A: self-ventilated)
  • Single-quadrant field power section with integrated freewheelingcircuit (optionally, also without field or as twoquadrantfield for highly dynamic field current changes withintegrated field overvoltage protection)
  • Electronics power supply
  • Standard BOP20 operator panel (AOP30 Advanced OperatorPanel as accessory)
  • 6RA80 datasheet Parameters Table

DC converters – SINAMICS DCM

Technical data overview

Connection options for the following rated supply voltages of the armature circuit Power section3 AC 50 / 125 / 250 / 575 / 1000 V
Rated supply voltages
Electronics supply
DC 24 V (DC 18 up to 30 V); In = 5 A
Rated supply voltages field
2 AC 480 V (+10 / -20 %)